A Basic Guide on How to Use Tape-In Hair Extensions

Adding bouncy and long strands of hair to natural hairstyles is nothing new in the salon industry, as most women prefer their hair to be complete and vibrant. Tape-in hair extensions are the solution if you have a terrible haircut or want to add length or colour to your strands. They never fail to enhance your crowning glory.

Tape-in hair extensions are a form of semi-permanent hair extensions that are applied using double-sided tape. They can last from 4 to 8 weeks before needing to be reapplied.

Benefits of Using Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in extensions are much quicker to apply and remove than other hair extensions. They may be put in as little as 45 minutes, making them an amazing choice for individuals who do not want to spend hours in the salon. They are also faster to install for hairdressers and hair extension experts than other procedures such as micro rings and weaves. 

Like other hair extensions, tape-ins can be produced of actual human or Remy hair or synthetic hair. For hair to look and feel the most natural, go with 100 per cent Remy human hair because the cuticle is still intact and comes from a single donor. All the strands are facing the same direction. This results in fewer tangles, knots, and matting in the extensions and enables you to style them more freely than you could with synthetic hair.

They are much less damaging to one’s natural hair than clip-ins or glue-ins. Above all, tape-in hair extensions are also gentler on the hair than procedures such as hot fusion and micro ring attachments.

How to Apply, Remove, and Reuse Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-ins are applied to the hair by sandwiching two wefts together with the natural hair in between. It is recommended that the hair slice in between the tapes be somewhat narrower in width so that stray hairs do not hang out of the tab. To guarantee that the hair can support the weight of the extension, the hair in between the tape should be the same thickness as the tape itself.

Applying any permanent extension to an insufficient hair volume might result in damage and hair pull. It is often a good idea to match the weight of the weft/strand you use. The positioning of the tapes will be determined by your hair stylist and will depend on the appearance you want to create; the brickwork pattern is commonly favoured for a natural finish.

To remove tape-in hair extensions, you’ll need a liquid, oil-based solution that easily loosens tapes and removes them. Avoid alcohol-based removers because they can have a powerful acetone smell, which is not very pleasant and irritates your scalp.

Generously spray the remover on top of the tab a few times, then leave for 30 seconds until you feel the tab loosen. The next step is to pull the tape away from the hair as gently as possible. 

If the tape is stubborn and won’t come off, you can use the end of a pin tail comb to prise the tabs carefully. Once you have successfully removed one side of the hair sandwich, respray and repeat for the other section underneath. 

Remove the old adhesive tab and all residue to re-tape tape hair extensions. You can run all stubborn residue under water, wash and dry the hair and apply a conditioning mask to rehydrate the tape-in hair extensions.

Re-tape the extensions using a new pack of sticky tape tabs once the hair is clean, dry, and smooth. Remember to keep the paper seal intact until reapplying the tapes. One side of the tabs will cling to the extension weft and the other to the hair, so you won’t need to apply them twice.

Dos and Dont’s When Using Tape-In Hair Extensions

Do you intend to change your hairstyle soon? Here are some dos and don’ts to consider when using tape hair extensions:


  • Use the Proper Hair Products: Taking the proper precautions to maintain your tape hair extensions when you acquire them is highly important.

Follow your hairstylist’s advice when applying the proper hair products at home. Since your hairstylist is well-versed in hair maintenance, it’s best to listen to their advice and follow their recommendations for what hair products to use and apply to your hair extensions.

Tape-in hair extensions demand sensitive and specific maintenance, so you must stay on top. Maintain a hair care routine and follow the steps:

Conduct additional research and seek guidance from hair extension professionals. Join online forums and talk to friends who have already used tape hair extensions.

Read the labels on your shampoos and conditioners at all times. Be cautious of products containing alcohol or sulfates, as they may dry out your hair or damage the colour of your coloured hair.

Check the ingredients of your shampoo, conditioner, and hair products. Even if they are more expensive, you will get more bang for your buck if your hair looks great.

  • Have a Professional Hair Stylist Work on Your Extensions: You should only have extensions done by a licensed specialist.

Regardless of how appealing some price reductions and hair extension bundles may be, you’re better off sticking with reputed salons. You will most likely get what you pay for, so don’t be afraid to spend more if you want quality.

Licensed hair specialists are experts in hair extensions. Therefore it’s logical to compensate them fairly for their expertise and services.

Allow a professional to manage your hair extensions, adding or removing them.

  • When Sleeping, Leave your Hair Loosely Braided: Going to bed with wet and tangled hair will result in knots as you sleep. Drying your hair and combing it for a few minutes is critical to loosening all strands.

If you braid your hair loosely while sleeping, it will be free of tangles. This is also a common recommendation from hair extension professionals.

Additionally, selecting silk pillowcases allows you to avoid hair tangles produced by their soft surface texture. While cotton bedding is relaxing and comfy, it may cause your hair to become dry and tangled. Invest in silk pillowcases to extend the life of your hair extensions.


  • Do Not Color Your Own Hair: If you wish to dye your hair, many unnatural hair colour tones appear natural. However, you must rely on hairstylists to complete the process for you. Avoid doing anything to your own hair. Hair professionals can analyze your hair condition carefully before recommending whether or not to colour it.
  • Do Not Experiment With Your Extensions: Another piece of tape hair extension advice is to avoid fiddling with the strands. Finger oils have the potential to harm tape extensions by developing buildup around them, causing them to separate prematurely.

Despite the tape’s weightlessness on natural hair, it’s ideal for keeping your hands as light as possible. Playing with your hair can result in strands falling out and the tape tearing, so use caution.

  • Avoid Wetting Your Hair Within 48 Hours: Your hair extensions still require time to set after you leave the salon. As a result, you shouldn’t wash them for another day or two.

You should not exercise, sweat, or add solutions or liquids to your hair after applying tape extensions. If you do this, the tape may loosen and will not properly set.

Are Tape-In Extensions Great for All Hair Types?

Tape-ins are easy to use and work well with fine hair. However, they don’t work well for people with naturally oily hair because the oils on the scalp can make the tapes slip. 

Tape-in extensions are also not the best hairstyle for people who have dry scalps due to lack in moisture. In addition, a dry scalp might cause your hair to become more brittle and break easily.

However, remember that tape-in hair extensions are only meant to be used for short-term hair extensions. Often, you have to wait a while between appointments so that your natural hair doesn’t get damaged.

That’s why they are great for weddings, nights out, and vacations, but they could be bad for your hair health in the long run. 


A goal that many young girls and adult women share is the idea of rocking their natural hair in a style that makes it longer, thicker, and have more volume. The most common technique to accomplish this is to use hair extensions, and tape-in hair extensions are popular for a quick fix or updo.

Tape-in extensions are comfortable and safe and look like your real hair. They’re a great option when you just want to add some extra lusciousness to your locks. 

To get the best value for your money, go to a professional to have your tape-in extensions applied and maintained. In addition, find a brand that’s known for quality tape-in extensions. 

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