8 Expert Hacks to Make the Most of Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can transform anyone’s hair magically. They can easily make a short hair length become long, thicken braids, add volume to the hair, and a whole lot more—indeed, hair extensions will become your best friend once you try them!

They can efficiently enhance anyone’s look, which is why a lot of people love using hair extensions. However, if you are new to using them, you might not know about some simple and clever hair extension hacks that can give you better results.

The basics are not enough, so here are some expert hacks to take your hair extensions to the next level!

1. Style without the Hassle with a Hair Extension Hanger

It can be incredibly difficult to style your hair extensions when it is already on your head. So, it is more practical to style them before clipping them in to avoid getting the wefts pulled out of place. For more security, you can use a hair extension hanger to ensure that your wefts remain precisely where they should be at all times!

With hair extension hangers, you do not need to worry about wefts getting messed up while you are straightening or curling your hair. You can see the hair extensions clearly and correctly style them according to your preference.

2. Attach Your Hair Extensions Upside Down for Better and Sturdier Ponytails

If you do not want bumps to show up whenever you have a ponytail or any similar updo hairstyle, the best technique is to clip the hair extensions upside down. Doing this will help keep untoward lumps and bumps from showing up where the wefts are put in place.

When the wefts are clipped upside down, they are absolutely secured, laying down flat in place, and pretty much undetectable. Doing it in this style is especially useful if you want a sleek, clean, and elegant updo hairstyle. 

3. Clip the Hair Extensions Diagonally for a Natural Layered Look

If you want a rich and thickly layered hairstyle, you will need to simulate the layered look in your hair extensions. You can quickly achieve this by clipping the wefts in a diagonal line. The extensions will blend perfectly with your natural layered hair, and no one will ever suspect that you are wearing hair extensions!

4. Braid the Lower Hair Layer to Hide Short Hairs

Using hair extensions for extra volume is advantageous for people with long hair. For those with short hair lengths, their natural hair might peek through the ends, which is a disadvantage—it will make it pretty obvious that you are wearing hair extensions!

So, the main goal is to hide your natural short hairs, and you can do this easily by braiding them. Gather the bottom layer of your hair and braid it flat against your head. Secure them with bobby pins, and voila! You have successfully hidden your shorter hairs, and the extensions blend so perfectly it looks just like a part of your natural hair. This simple step will create an uninterrupted hairstyle that you can show off on Instagram and IRL!

5. Prevent Slipping Wefts by Backcombing the Roots

Backcombing your roots is an excellent hack for those with thin hair or those struggling to keep their hair extensions in place. To prevent wefts from slipping and losing their grip, you can just backcomb them to your roots.

First, you must separate your hair into sections where you will clip a weft on. Then, get your teasing brush and use it to backcomb your roots. Apply a bit of dry shampoo after that. This hack will give your roots increased texture and hold, thus enabling the clips to stay in place keep them from slipping away as you go about your daily life.

6. Use the Right Hairbrush

When you have clipped hair extensions, you have to be careful with brushing them. You should not just use any brush, either—traditional hair brushes can easily pull at your roots and mess up your clipped wefts. Aside from the uncomfortable feeling, traditional hair brushes can Thanos snap all your hard work of clipping the hair extensions in. 

The best way to brush your hair when wearing hair extensions is by using a loop hair extensions brush. These special brushes have distinctive nylon loop bristles that will ruin your wefts by snagging or pulling at them. In addition to that, loop hair extensions brushes are designed to easily glide through your hair to help with untangling the wefts that are not in place. 

7. Store Your Extensions Properly to Prolong Their Life

To put it simply and frankly: if you do not store your hair extensions properly, then pulling them out when you want to use them will be nothing less than a nightmare.

If you do not store your hair extensions the right way, they will not last long, and more horrifyingly, they will get tangled every time you wear them! It is a wise decision to buy hair extensions carriers. These carriers will protect your extensions from any kind of damage, and they will keep them from tangling with each other.

Make sure that you get a nice bamboo hanger where your hair extensions can hang nicely, along with a durable cotton blended fabric for the cover and extra protection. Also, hair extension carriers can be portable—just roll them up and put them in your purse or bag—so you will not need to dedicate a whole suitcase when travelling with them!

8. Stack Hair Extensions for More Volume—Even with a Smaller Head

Sometimes, it can be hard to make the most of your hair extensions simply because of the lack of space. What you can do instead is stack two together in order to form a mega weft and enjoy a voluminous hairdo.

With this strategy, styling your hair becomes much easier because you will be able to find more space, and the application process will be quicker.

Final Thoughts 

There is a wide variety of hair extensions in the market—all you have to do is find the one that best suits you! To get the best clip-in hair extensions, take several factors into account: the length you want, the colour, and the material. Once you have them in your hands, make sure that you give them the proper care, too!

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