Hair Extensions 101: Can I Wear Hair Extensions Every Day

Wearing hair extensions is one of the easiest ways to transform your look. With hair extensions, you can try different kinds of hairstyles that you can do only with longer hair. 

Clip-in hair extensions allow you to colour your hair without the long-term commitment, put your hair up in a high ponytail, have long braids and rock a top bun. A common misconception about hair extensions is that you can only use them on special occasions, but what if you want to rock these looks every day? 

Since clip-in hair extensions are so convenient and natural-looking, wearing them every day might’ve crossed your mind. This article will tell you everything you need to know about wearing hair extensions every day. 

Can I wear hair extensions every day?

If you’re looking to achieve more volume and add some more oomph to your daily look, clip-in extensions will give you what you need. Because it’s incredibly safe and easy to use, you can wear these types of hair extensions daily. 

The great thing about hair extensions is that you can wear a full set or opt to use a few wefts to achieve whatever style you’re going for. Since they are versatile and convenient, wearing them all the time shouldn’t damage your hair. Remember to take them off carefully and remove them before showering, going to bed, swimming, or other physical activities.

What should I do if I want to wear hair extensions daily?

To get the best out of your hair extensions, you must take care of them like you would your natural hair. If you’re planning to wear your hair extensions every day, here are a few tips to remember:

1. Handle your extensions with care

Remember to be gentle with your hair extensions and your hair. Removing your clips quickly or roughly can ultimately do damage to your hair. When you do this, your strands may be tangled in the pin and could yank on your hair and cause pain.

To remove your hair extensions, simply lift them from your head slowly to avoid any possible damage. Read our step-by-step hair extension removal guide.

2. Check up on your hair

When you wear hair extensions regularly, chances are, you may get too comfortable with them and neglect the state of your natural hair. When you aren’t mindful about your hair, your scalp may get irritated and you might have to take a rest from hair extensions for a few days.

You should check your hair regularly and make sure hair isn’t falling out with the clips. 

3. Maintain your real hair

To wear hair extensions daily, you need to make sure that your hair is in top shape. Maintain your hair by using the right hair products for your hair type, apply conditioner, protein and other products that could increase and retain hair moisture.

You should also minimize the use of tools that use heat such as hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons and the like. These can cause breakage and other heat-related damage that can make using extensions quite difficult.

How long can I keep my hair extensions?

High-quality clip-in hair extensions use real human hair, which can last longer. Although these can wear out over time, the process is relatively slow and you can enjoy the use of your hair extensions for an extended period. 

To help keep your hair extensions in great shape, you must always take them off, brush them regularly and wash them to avoid tangling. Ideally, you’ll want to wash your extensions once every two weeks. This will avoid breakage and twisting and may help extend the wearability of your extensions.


Using clip-in hair extensions is a fantastic way to add more pizzazz to your look without having to run to the salon every other day. These are available in various lengths, styles and colours, depending on your style. When you use high-quality hair extensions, you’ll have natural-looking hair and look effortless, as if you just walked out of the salon!

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