Picking Out the Right Hair Extensions Based on Your Natural Hair

People interested in wearing hair extensions may have a hard time deciding what to get because there are plenty of extensions that offer different lengths, colours, and thickness. What looks good on someone else may not suit you well because the volume of your natural hair may not be the same as theirs.

It all comes down to what kind of look you’re going for, how thick you want your final look to be, and most importantly, what’s the situation of your hair now. Keep reading below to learn more about the different kinds of hair extensions and find out which one will suit you best.

For Those with Thin and Fine Hair

Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, you can rely on hair extensions to change your look, address your hair issues, or give you the correct length while waiting for your hair to grow. If your hair strands are quite thin, you need to look for good hair extensions that will do an excellent job of adding volume and length to your look. 

You could benefit from 120-gram hair extensions to provide you with the right amount of depth to your hair’s overall appearance. It offers the proper thickness without making it look obvious that you’re wearing hair extensions with your natural hair.

For Those with Thin to Average Hair

One of the most requested clip in hair extensions is the 160-gram extensions, which people with thin to average types of hair commonly use. If you’re sporting short hair that’s either chin length or just above your shoulder and you’re tired of your current look, you can purchase 160 grams hair extensions to change things up.

160-gram hair extensions are perfect for people who require additional hair that they can blend seamlessly with their short hair without looking evident that it’s artificial hair. The set offers an array of wefts with various sizes, giving you plenty of choices to opt for to complete your look.

For Those with Fine Hair and Want Volume

180-gram natural hair extensions look almost the same as 160-gram extensions, which consists of 10 wefts but has more hair placed on each weft to make them look a little thicker. The set offers more prominent length and volume to anyone with fine hair while making sure your overall appearance still looks natural.

While you don’t have to use all the wefts completely, if you prefer to keep adding more volume to your look, you are free to use the wefts as you please until you acquire the final look to satisfy you. The 180-gram extensions also come in an array of wefts with different sizes.

For Those with Average Hair

If you want to opt for a set of the most recognised hair extensions, you should go for the 220-gram thick extensions, especially if you have average hair and want it to look fuller. With plenty of weft sizes it provides, you can explore your options and try them on until you find the right results.

220-gram hair extensions serve as the thickest set out of all the kinds of extensions on the list. Even if you already have a thick head of hair and you still want to wear clip in hair extensions, you have the freedom to experiment and wear this set of extensions. 


Whether you have thin hair, average hair, or thick hair, nothing is stopping you from achieving the look you want. You can put on hair extensions, so long as you know it will look good on you, and it will add more depth, length, or colour to your appearance, depending on your needs. If you aren’t sure what the current state of your hair is, it will be best to reach out to a professional hairstylist to give you sound advice and come to a conclusion on the right hair extensions for you.

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