Curious About Hair Extensions? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Hair may not be as powerful as the human brain or other internal organs crucial to our survival, but it is still an essential part of us. It’s not an exaggeration when we say that hair is everything—the locks on your head are part of your identity, and how you cut, style, and wear it reflects your personality and impacts how you act and live.

The Impact of Hair

With hair’s association with youthfulness and beauty in women over the centuries, it’s understandable why hairstyling choices are made with great consideration and treated with utter importance today. 

However, although hair can undoubtedly boost a person’s self-esteem, it can also make a person feel bad about themselves, especially if they’ve made the wrong hair choice. This is where hair extensions come in!

The Amazing World of Hair Extensions

Everyone has their own embarrassing hair story, whether it be poorly-cut DIY bangs or hair that’s too short. Back then, you would have to put up with wearing headbands or just wait for your hair to grow, but today, absolutely anything is possible!

With 12-inch hair extensions, you can have more length. On the other hand, you’ll have more volume with clip-in hair extensions. Whether you want it to be more dramatic or simply natural, you can achieve any style you want as long as you wear the right hair extensions.

The Buying Dilemma

We wish choosing the perfect hair extensions would be easy, but with extensions being sold in every colour, length, weight, and texture, it seems like buying hair extensions is a nearly impossible task. To a first-timer, picking the right hair extensions can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be challenging!

Remember that although hair extensions can make you look more beautiful, the wrong one could destroy your look. When you choose the wrong hair extensions, you won’t only end up with something that doesn’t help with your appearance at all, but you’d also waste a large chunk of money.

To select the hair extension that’s right for you, the first thing you have to do is to decide between temporary or permanent hair extensions.

Temporary Hair Extensions

Temporary hair extensions refer to flip-ins and clip-ins, which are extensions that you can easily apply and take off on the same day. Flip-ins increase the length without affecting the volume of your hair, while clip-ins provide increased volume and length. Unfortunately, even the best clip in hair extensions have to be removed when the day ends.

Permanent Hair Extensions

Technically, hair extensions are temporary, but they don’t have to be removed before you sleep like clip-ins. More permanent hair extensions can last from four weeks to two months as long as they’re installed well and taken care of.

Temporary or Permanent?

When choosing the best hair extensions for you, you must first decide whether you want temporary or permanent hair extensions. Choosing between the two options will largely depend on your planned budget, lifestyle, and how you prefer them installed. 


If you lead an active lifestyle and go to the gym often, temporary hair extensions may be for you. Since some styles will require the use of adhesives, you won’t be able to try them out. When you engage in physical activities that make you sweat a lot, the bonds you have with the hair extensions will break, no matter how well attached they are.


The money you’re willing to invest in your hair is also a significant factor in choosing which type of hair extensions to use. 

Although having a smaller budget does narrow your options, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have no choice but to buy low-quality hair extensions—you’ll be surprised how many amazing clip-in hair extensions don’t cost as much as you’d expect!

Hair Type

The type of hair you have matters, as the texture dictates what kind of hair extensions you can have and how you can install them. If you have straight hair, you’ll be able to sew hair extensions in wefts, but if you have kinky hair, bonded hair extensions are trickier but possible.

Hair Extension Installation Methods

How your hair extensions will be installed on your head depends on the type of extensions you choose. Read on below to find out the different instalment methods for permanent and temporary hair extensions.

Temporary Hair Extensions

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in extensions come in wefts that have snapping clips used to attach to your hair. For people who don’t want to spend a long time in the salon for the installation process, clip ins are the best option, as they are the easiest to attach without damaging your hair. 

Flip In Hair Extensions

Flip in extensions uses a flipped wire installed at the crown. Just like clip in hair extensions, flip ins are also easy to install—with a bit of practice, you can even perform the installation process on your own at home! 

Permanent Hair Extensions

Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape ins are among the more popular permanent hair extensions because they’re easy to apply and remove without damaging the hair while also being adjusted when your hair grows. When properly cared for, these extensions can last up to six to eight weeks.

Micro Ring Loop Hair Extensions

Micro ring extensions come with everything pre-attached, making the installation process pretty simple. To install this type of hair extension, you just have to insert a strand through the tube, pull the loop to secure it, and you’re good to go.

Keratin Hair Extensions

If you’re looking for something long-lasting and natural-looking, consider getting keratin hair extensions. Using a special heating tool, the hair extension strands will fuse with your existing hair. With proper maintenance, keratin hair extensions could last for six to eight weeks.


Thanks to hair extensions, any hairstyle is possible, but remember to choose the right type carefully. As long as you follow our burning guide and purchase your hair extensions from a trusted source, you’re sure to have beautiful, luscious locks that enhance your beauty!

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