Fun Spring-Inspired Hairstyles to Try This Year

The cold months are coming to an end and soon enough spring will be upon us. Everybody is eager for the winter to be over and to get styling for the spring season. Aside from having to gradually change your wardrobe to welcome the warmer weather, you also need to think about your chic spring hairstyle. 

Fun Spring-Inspired Hairstyles to Try This Year

Get yourself in the spring mood by trying out one of these hairstyles!

1 – Blonde Streak

Adding a streak of blonde on your hair will be a fun change that will help you get into the groove of the spring season. Streaks were a thing in the 90s, and you can bring them back this year! You will need to get your hair bleached for this look, and you have to be ready for commitment before you go blonde, so think about this very well.

2 – Bubble Ponytail

Bubble ponytails are fun and warm, just like the spring. If you have shoulder-length hair, you may still be able to make this look work by attaching ponytail extensions to help add bulk and length to your ponytail.

3 – Fun Colours

You may opt to dye your hair your favourite colour for the spring. After all, the season is all about welcoming new change. What better way to do this than by changing your hair colour?

4 – Baby Spice Pigtails

High pigtails are styling, carefree and they look great! However, you have to mix and match with the outfit you will wear with this style, you don’t want to look like an overgrown teenager. Baby Spice rocked the look, and so can you!

5 – Beach Waves

If you have naturally straight hair, you can try to use a curling iron to add some waves or curls to your locks to welcome the spring. This look is natural and it doesn’t require commitment as you can straighten out the waves the next day.

6 – Cornrows

While cornrows are a little tedious, and you may need to have someone come and help you with the little braids, it is a style that can totally transform your look in an instant. If you are going for a laid-back and relaxed kind of look but want to be striking at the same time, cornrows are a great style to try!


Get yourself ready for the new season by changing your hairstyle. It will give you a fun and energetic boost as the warmer months roll in. There are so many different styles to choose from, and this is by far not an all-inclusive list. Give yourself a style change and get yourself ready for spring.

The list above does not include all the possible hairstyles you can try. If you are ready to make a positive change for yourself but do not know which style to try, you can talk to your stylist first. They will be glad to help you make your decision by sharing their input and advice as to what hairstyle will suit you best. 

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