Hard Water Hair Care for Your Natural Hair and Extensions

Water can do so much wonder to the human body that it could make you think it is the best element that ever existed. It cleanses the body of toxins and boosts one’s energy. More than just satiating thirst, staying hydrated reduces stress and builds muscle tone too. 

However, did you know that water can be harmful to your hair? Regardless of whether you have natural hair or wear hair extensions, the wrong type of water can damage your hair if left unchecked!

The Hair-Damaging Culprit: Hard Water

Hard water is the type of water that can be damaging to your hair. When the water contains a high amount of dissolved magnesium and calcium, that concentration creates its “hardness.” 

Although it appears to be transparent to the naked eye, it is still made up of various chemicals and minerals—all of which can pose a significant threat to your locks. 

How Hard Water Affects the Hair

Drinking hard water would not give you serious health risk, but it can affect the skin and hair. In fact, even just frequently washing the hair using hard water can make your scalp feel itchy over time. Moreover, when the excess amount of calcium and magnesium get mixed with your hair products, it usually forms salt—which creates residue in your hair and scalp, preventing both from absorbing the moisture coming from the conditioner. As a result, you end up with dry or tangled hair!

How to Know If You Have Hard Water at Home

More than half of the UK areas have hard water, most of which contain over 200 mg of calcium carbonate per litre. It is also widely experienced in the US, wherein 85 per cent of their water is considered hard. If you live in these countries, there is a high chance that your home has been using hard water. 

Here are the common signs that could indicate the water at your home is hard:

  • You have weak hair that easily breaks, particularly in the end;
  • Your hair is dry;
  • Your hair gets easily tangled;
  • The hair feels sticky despite being thoroughly washed; and
  • Your hair colour fades quicker than it should be.

How to Deal With Hard Water

Here are some suggestions on how you can save your hair from the damage that hard water could bring. 

Install a Water Softening System

Installing a softening system is the most effective, yet the most pricey solution to the hard water problems at home. A water softening system is a filtration system that could remove the high concentrations of calcium and magnesium. Through its filter, only softened water leaves the system and gets released to your house. 

If you want a cost-effective alternative, consider purchasing a water softener shower head instead. 

Get Hair Treatment 

Getting hair treatment from a salon or applying a hair mask at home could help restore the moisture and shine into your locks. The most important part of the treatment is to massage your scalp and get through the ends of your hair. 

An alternative is using a leave-in conditioner with a low pH. That would help to ensure that moisture still gets into the hair cuticles when needed. 

Use Clarifying Shampoos

Clarifying shampoos are great at washing away the leftover residue in hair and scalp. Furthermore, it can also effectively restore the shine in your hair. Consider using it at least once a week for peak efficiency. 

Wash Hair Using Purified Water

If badly needed, washing hair using purified bottled water as your last step could help remove the concentrated minerals on your hair. If you want it to be more effective, consider adding apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to the solution. These are useful in decreasing any mineral build up in the hair. After five minutes, wash the hair using purified water, and you are good. 


If you believe that you are a victim of hard water issues, take this opportunity to care for your hair more. Whether you wear your hair bare or augment them with hair extensions, it is crucial to make them look as healthy and soft as possible! Not doing something about hard water in your home would leave you with oil-stripped, dry, tangled, and brittle hair—which is something you definitely do not want to keep having!

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