How Hair Extensions Can Change and Revitalise Short Hair

Short hair is an excellent way of standing out and letting your face be much more distinguishable. However, the problem with chopping a good length of hair off is that it takes a while to grow it back. This can lead to a few problems and regrets as you try to figure out ways to bring back your old hair or try something new to help you gain confidence in your hair.

Luckily, hair extensions are a great option that helps you achieve both. With so many styles and material available on the market, there’s always something for someone. If you aren’t convinced about how exactly hair extensions can revitalise your bob cut, here’s a short breakdown:

Learning the Benefits of Extensions for Short Hair

After a haircut, you’re stuck with the current length of your hair. Even if you did commit to the idea, the outcome might not seem all too promising, and you find that you’re missing your old hair. Extensions can help you live out the old long-hair days and bring you back to a place of comfort on the days you need it.

Volume is something extensions can also help you with. Short hair tends to go flat and make your face seem a little rounder than usual. Plus, bad hair days can’t be solved by pulling your hair back if it isn’t long enough. With thicker hair, it’ll feel much chicer and more empowering that you won’t need to hide behind a ponytail.

Hair extensions also provide an avenue for experimentation. Short hair can limit the different styles that you can go for. Clip-in locks will help provide all the strands you’ll need to braid, plait, curl, straighten and work with in general. 

Checking Different Kinds of Hair Extensions

There are two main kinds of extensions: Remy human hair and synthetic hair. When it comes to short hair, it can look obvious right away whether your long hair is natural or not. Remy hair can seem much more authentic and offer better quality than synthetic hair, which is why people with shorter hair are recommended to get that instead. 

Aside from material, there are also various types of extension applications. The most popular ones are clip-ins, tape-ins and pre-bonded hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are the most versatile part of the bunch and may help short-haired gals much more. 

Choosing Your Hair Extensions

Even when taking into consideration what kind of hair extensions you’ll be getting for your short bob, there are still different elements to turn your attention to. Choose what hair extension length you want to order and work with. 

Colour and style are also big issues since they need to be able to match the natural hair that you already have. If the hues look odd and they don’t blend well together, it might not be an ideal look for you. The same goes for how straight, wavy and curly your natural hair is. 


Don’t let having short hair stop the fun. Hair extensions can help reinvigorate your appearance for the better. It’ll let you look the way that you want while you wait for a while for your hair to start growing back. 

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