How to Achieve a Natural Hair Look With Clip-in Extensions

People can use clip-in hair extensions in any part of their head to achieve long, thick locks. That is the unmatched beauty of clip-in hair extensions. Compared to other permanent hair extensions, using clip-ins does not damage the hair in any way. Unfortunately, some users also see this convenience as a disadvantage. Because clip-ins are easily attached to the hair, it can sometimes give an unnatural look. 

Do not be discouraged! It will only appear unnatural if you do not know have the right extensions and improperly attach it. We have compiled a list of tips from our hair styling experts for achieving a seamless and natural look with clip-in hair extensions to help you out.

Tips for a Natural Clip-In Hair Extensions Look

1: Buy Quality Hair Extensions

Everything begins with the type of material you use. Even if you have the magic of beautifully attaching hair extensions like a professional, the whole look will not be impressive if you use low-quality clip extensions. If you want the closest look to your natural hair, opt for extensions made from human hair instead of synthetic ones. 

Human hair extensions may be more expensive than synthetic versions, but they blend well with your natural hair, giving you a silky and uniform look. Moreover, human hair extensions are easier to style. Unlike synthetic hair extensions, human hair extensions can be curled or straightened.

2: Find the Right Colour

Another secret to achieving a more natural look is finding extensions that match your hair’s colour. Here are some tips on how to find your perfect colour match:

  • Refer to the colour of the ends of your hair, not your roots. Remember that your extensions will sit below your natural hair, so they should perfectly blend. 
  • Try them out if you can. If buying online, try to look for a shop with special instructions or colour match programs for their online buyers.
  • If in a physical store, face the windows when you do so, so you can see how it looks in your hair. 

If you have some doubts, seek help from the professionals. They would gladly assist you in finding the right colour of hair extensions for you.

3: Clip Your Extensions at the Right Place

How you place the extensions in your hair depends on the quantity and thickness of the material. If you have thin extensions but want to achieve full long hair; you may want to invest in more extensions so you can spread them nicely around your head. 

Use a full-length mirror so you can see how the back of your head looks. If you need some assistance, ask a professional to style and place your extensions. 

Just remember that if you want a flawless look, you should match your natural hair’s thickness. If you have naturally thin hair, choose light extensions. However, if your goal is to achieve full and volumised hair, opt for thick ones. 

4: If You Have a Layered Hairstyle, Invest in Different Lengths of Hair Extensions

Doing this trick will help you match your natural hair flow. Mixing long and short extensions will make your hair look thicker while blending well with your natural layers. However, if you maintain a straight hair cut, you can skip this tip.


Hair extensions are meant to help you achieve a more cohesive and flawless look. If they do not make your hair look natural, then there must be something wrong with the extensions you have or how you placed them. Follow these four tips for buying extensions to make the most out of your investment.

Whether you are looking for clip-in hair extensions for black hair, blonde hair, and other hair colours, we have many options to choose from. Foxy Locks is your home for natural hair extensions that ship to the UK and the US. You can also buy now, pay later with Klarna. Learn more about it from our site. 

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