How to Care For Your Hair Extensions During Winter

Winter. You may love it or hate it but there’s one thing you should know if you wear hair extensions – the cold season’s going to be tough on your extensions! It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing the best hair extensions money can buy, the harsh weather condition can still make your extensions coarser and drier.

Does that mean you should avoid wearing your favorite clip-ins in winter? Not at all. What it means is that you have to take extra special care of them to avoid damage. The hair care routine that you do for your hair extensions during summer has to be changed up when it starts to get colder.

To help you out, Foxy Locks shares some excellent tips on how to maintain the health of your hair extensions during winter:

How to Take Care of Your Human Hair Extensions During Winter

Limit the Number of Washes and Brushes You Do in a Week

If you are one of those people who still want to be diligent with their washing and brushing even during winter, you should really rethink it. Washing your hair and your hair extensions too often in winter can lead to damage. Try not to wash your extensions more than twice or thrice a week. If possible, do it just once a week. Like you do any other season, be careful with your conditioner application especially if you’re using tape-in extensions. Avoid the roots as it can affect the effectiveness of the tapes. While you can comb your hair every day, make sure that you use a tool that’s specially made for hair extensions. Do not overdo it, either. As long as the tangles are gone, you’re good to go.

Do Not Go Out with Wet Hair Extensions

This is a no-brainer but some might need reminding that you should never ever go out with wet hair extensions, especially when the temperatures are really low. Exposing your wet extensions to extreme temperatures can cause breakage. Imagine your hair extensions freezing and suddenly breaking off. You wouldn’t want that for sure.

If you need to wear extensions that have just been washed, then take a few minutes to blow it dry. Then let it dry naturally for a bit before going outside. As an extra precaution, you should wear a hat or a beanie that will keep your head warm and at the same time protect your hair extensions. The more insulating the hat is, the better. It’s also a good idea to don a hat when it’s windy to prevent frizziness.

Be Generous with the Hair Care Treatments

Now more than ever, your hair extensions are going to need more moisture. Make sure that it gets it from premium quality hair treatments. It doesn’t matter if you have auburn, black, or blonde hair extensions or what length they may be. Applying hair treatment is a necessity if you don’t want the extensions to be parched during winter. Choose hair treatments with oil like what Foxy Locks’ hair treatments offer. You can choose between the Luxury GOLD Hair Oil with Argan oil, Collagen, and Keratin or the Argan Oil Deep Hydrating Hair Masque. Remember to follow the instructions carefully and allow the hair treatment to sit on the hair extensions for the minimum recommended time to get the best results.

Brush Your Hair Extensions the Right Way

Use the best professional hair styling tools if you can but if that’s not possible, just make sure that you are brushing and styling your way the right way.

·  Hold the hair roots to give more support to the hair extensions and start coming from below the bonds.

·  Always begin from the ends and slowly work your way up to avoid detangling.

·  Brush the hair extensions in a downward direction, following the hair’s natural direction.

You should comb your hair extensions like you would your natural hair – thoroughly but carefully. Combing will help distribute the oils from the roots of the hair to the tips. This is even more important during winter when the hair needs as much moisture as it can get.

Moisturize More During Winter

As mentioned above, hair extensions tend to go drier during winter. Aside from using hair treatments like oils and serums you should also incorporate deep conditioning into your hair extension care routine during colder months.

A leave-in conditioner after washing and conditioning is important to keep the hair strands hydrated and to reduce frizz. Then, deep condition with a masque at least weekly or at least every two weeks to nourish the hair.

To maintain moisture in your room (which is definitely good for your hair), you can put a glass of water on the radiator or heater. You can even add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to have a relaxing aromatherapy session, too.

Avoid Heating Tools as Much as Possible

It’s not recommended to use heating tools during winter, especially flat and perming irons. The use of a hair dryer may be unavoidable because you have to dry your hair after washing. However, if you have a diffuser, that’s a better tool to use than the typical hair dryer. If you’re in no rush to dry your hair extensions and they won’t be used immediately, skip the tools altogether and allow the hair to air dry naturally at home.

Only Use High-Quality Products

If you have invested money in those 100% human hair extensions, doesn’t it make sense to ensure that you only use high-quality products, too? Why would you use cheap shampoo and conditioner if you know it’s going to damage your hair? You should also steer clear from brushes and tools that are not made for hair extension use because they can end up damaging your locks.


Even the best hair extensions need more attention during winter because the extreme temperatures can really be damaging. And because hair extensions don’t get nutrients from your scalp as your natural hair does, they’re going to need extra TLC. By following the tips above, you can ensure that your hair extensions remain strong and healthy no matter how cold it gets.

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