Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Lashes for Your Eye Shape

Beautiful long lashes can transform your everyday look into an extra elegant one. With the variety of false eyelashes that are available in today’s market, choosing the perfect one can be a challenge for you. However, not many people know that one of the biggest factors that should be considered when selecting false lashes is the shape of the eye. 

Keep in mind that you should only choose a style that will complement and even enhance your eye shape. To help you know which one is right for you, Foxy Locks prepared a quick guide based on the different eye types:

For Almond Eyes

Eyes that are shaped like almonds are slightly pointed on the ends and wider in the centre. This is a versatile eye shape, and most lash styles will look incredible with almond eyes. You can choose lashes depending on whether you’re going to wear them in the day where you might want lighter and more casual-looking lashes or if they’re for a special evening event where thicker and more luxurious ones are better.

For Big and Bright Eyes

If your eyes are the most prominent features on your face, they can probably stand out on their own. Because of this, you might want to stick to natural-looking falsies with short to medium lengths that will accentuate the beauty of your eyes. You may also choose wispy lashes that go thicker towards the outer corner for an alluring cat-eye look.

For Close-Set Eyes

When the inner corners of the eyes are close to the nose, you’d want to offset it by focusing on the outer corners of the eyes. Choose lash styles that grow longer from the centre to the outer edge. This style of lashes can give the eyes a lifted and more balanced look. 

For Deep-Set Eyes

Some people have eyes that are seated under a more pronounced brow bone. In fact, eyelashes that are longer and more voluminous can make these eyes more dramatic. Also, deep-set eyes can pull off such extravagant lashes without looking overdone. 

For Hooded Eyes

Eyes that have more skin above the crease need fake eyelashes that will give the illusion of eyes that are more open at the centre. If you think that your eyes need drama, you might go for long and thick lashes, but those can actually look heavy and close your eyes even further. Falsies that are lighter and shorter or just those with slightly longer lashes in the middle will work a lot better as well. 

For Monolid Eyes

Eyelids that don’t have a visible crease, which is common with some Asian ethnicities, will not benefit from wearing thick and long eyelashes that are uniform in length. Because of this, you should go for those that are longer in the centre or at the outer edges. The goal here is to open up the eyes more and create an illusion of wider and more “awake” eyes. You should try fluttery lashes that have crisscross layers, too. And to finish off, make sure you curl the lashes to add height. 


Finding the best false eyelashes for your eye shape is not rocket science, but that doesn’t mean you will surely get it right the first time. Don’t worry too much about it because trying on different styles of lashes is part of what makes it all fun! Also, remember that once you have found the lashes for you, you can trim them to suit you better because the false lash bands are always made long, but they’re meant to be cut for a perfect fit!

Ready to try some falsies to make your eyes stand out even more? Foxy Locks has a selection of luxuriously silky false eyelashes in the UK for every eye shape! Check them all out, find the best one for you, and place your order today!

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