How to Choose the Right Hair Extensions Length for You – Our Guide

If you’ve recently just discovered the magic of hair extensions, you have a lot of questions in mind. One of the most pressing concerns may perhaps be the length you need to go for. Hair extensions come in various lengths and options, making it an extremely difficult choice to make. 

You will need to think about how the hair extensions will fall and sit against your body, but seeing as bodies come in different shapes and sizes, even that can be difficult to decipher. In other words, hair extensions are not a one size fits all product—20-inch hair extensions may look longer on you, but just the right amount of length for your friend. 

Your current hair length and type is also critical, as your hair serves as the base of your extensions. Longer hair requires different needs from thicker hair, while thin hair can rather be difficult to worth with, prompting you to purchase special tools and quality extensions. 

Before heading to the stores and selecting hair extensions at a random, bear in mind that a little knowledge goes a long way. That said, here is a quick guide for you:

If you have longer natural hair 

If you want a foolproof hair extension blend, stay within four inches of your natural hair. Opt for hair extensions packages containing up to 120 grams of hair, but if you wish to have a more dramatic look, opt for 2 packs of 120 grams, preferably 16 inches. 

  • Foxy Locks’ 16-Inch hair extensions will allow you a hair transformation that extends past the collar bone, coming at a good amount of 150 grams. 

If you have thicker natural hair

For a good hair extension blend, stay within two inches of your natural hair. Choose a hair extensions package up to 75 grams of hair online, as anything more will only add to your hair’s volume. If you wish to have a major transformation, however, opt for hair extensions that specifically add length and not volume.

  • Foxy Locks 16-inch hair extensions will allow your hair to move past your collar bone, but will add more volume. If you wish to avoid any additional volume, opt for extensions that only weigh 50 grams.

If you have thinning hair 

Thinning hair can be difficult to work with, but hair extensions are highly recommended. To ensure that your extensions remain natural and evenly blended, opt for hair extension packages that contain 25 grams of hair. These are specifically designed to increase the volume of your hair, and not the length. 

  • Foxy Lock’s 16-inch Volumizer hair extensions are the best way to go, allowing you thicker and fuller hair. 

What else should I consider? 

As you choose the right extensions and hair length for you, consider future styling and trimming you need to do. You may want to mix up your look in the near future, so it’s best to go with a longer extension to have room for more stylish and trimming. The longer your hair extensions, the better options you have later on for dramatic hair transformations.

The Best Hair Extensions For You

It may be difficult to deal with hair extensions at first, especially since you need to carefully consider lengths, volume, your hair type, and so much more. Now that you are equipped with enough knowledge about what you need to consider, however, you can now choose a length and type that best fits your needs! By doing so, you allow extensions to look natural, thereby keeping away all future disappointments.

If you’re on the hunt for quality 20-inch hair extensions and more in the UK, Foxy Locks has you covered. We have been supplying women from across the world quality hair extensions, ensuring that they enjoy only the best quality products and service for their crowning glories. Experience the best for your beauty goals—shop with us today. 

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