How to Ensure Your Hair Extensions Can Last a Long Time

Hair extensions can make a whole lot of difference to your look. It can give your hair that added bounce and bring more volume to it. 

However, hair extensions, unfortunately, do not last forever. And it can get pricey to have to constantly buy new hair extensions. But by making the right choices and putting in enough effort to care for it, you can extend the life of your hair extensions. Here’s how you can ensure hair extension longevity.

What Are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are sometimes called hair integrations, and people often use them to add length and volume to their hair. They can either be synthetic or natural, with the latter being of higher quality but more expensive. 

The best hair extensions are those made from virgin natural hair, as the hair cuticle is intact and preserved, giving the hair a natural look that runs in the same direction. But if you’re only aiming for something temporary, quality synthetic hair extensions can also be a great option. 

However, it is important to note that synthetic extensions don’t work so great with heat styling and can quickly end up tangled. On the other hand, they’re great if you’re a bit tight on budget, and they also require less maintenance than natural hair extensions.

Types of Hair Extensions

Aside from natural versus synthetic, hair extensions can also be classified under three categories: temporary, semi-permanent and permanent. We’ll be discussing hair extensions according to these classifications, as it better covers longevity.


For those only looking for a temporary change in style, temporary extensions are ideal. These types of extensions allow you to put them in your hair and take them out whenever you wish. They often come in the form of halos, hair wefts and clip-in hair extensions. 

Clip-ins are the most popular kind of temporary extensions, and they are also the safest form of hair extensions to use. They usually have a silicone or textile base with lightweight but sturdy clips and are quite easy to apply and remove. 

Clip-in hair extensions also don’t damage your hair as long as you apply and take them out correctly. If you use them somewhat frequently, they can last from 3-6months as long as you properly care for them. They can even last up to a year if you use them less often.


Semi-permanent extensions are not as easily detachable as temporary extensions, but you won’t be needing any special tools or heat to install them to your hair. They usually come in the form of tape-in hair extensions or skin weft hair extensions, with the former being the more popular choice.

The use of tape-in hair extensions often depends on the growth rate of your hair. You typically need to remove and reapply them once your hair grows out. So, while semi-permanent extensions are better for prolonged use, they can be more tedious than temporary ones.


Permanent hair extensions are often sewn into the hair or require heating tools to attach. The types of permanent extensions include sew-in hair extensions, micro links, K-tips and fusion or pre-bonded extensions.

While permanent extensions do not necessarily last forever, they can be used for a longer amount of time. The catch, however, is that these types of extensions are often harmful to the hair. They can lead to hair loss, hair breakage, damaged hair follicles, alopecia and other hair-related problems. 

Since permanent extensions are pretty damaging to the hair, we’ll only be focusing on temporary and semi-permanent extensions for the rest of this article.

How Often Should You Use Your Hair Extensions?

The lifespan of your hair extensions often depends on how often you use them. Natural clip-in hair extensions can last a long time if you use them sparingly. However, if you wear them daily, it can take a lot less time for them to wear down. 

If you want your clip-ins to last up to six months, moderate use is advisable. You should also avoid exposing them to harmful substances, such as chlorine in pool water to ensure their longevity. Daily use is also not recommended as continued exposure to smoke, air pollution, and intense sunlight can affect their lifespan.

For tape-in hair extensions, they can last from four to eight weeks after installation, depending on your hair growth. This doesn’t mean that after four to eight weeks, you can no longer use them. It just means that once your hair grows out, you must take them out and change the adhesive before retaping it to your hair.

When you take out your tape-in extensions, you must practise care. Be gentle as to avoid breaking or tangling them and practise the same care when reapplying. By doing this, you can hopefully extend its lifespan.

How to Properly Care for Your Hair Extensions

To ensure your hair extensions last a long time, you must take care of them properly. This goes beyond just washing them. You have to be careful when applying and removing them and practise even more care while wearing them. 

Do not let other people touch your extensions, as dirt and oil from their hands will be of no good to your extensions. Also, make sure your hair extensions don’t get caught on things as they could end up getting tangled.

When you wash your extensions, make sure to use only sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to minimise damage. Do not skip conditioning, as you want to bring moisture into your hair extensions. After washing, let them air dry, as blow-drying may result in dryness and even breakage. Once dry, store them somewhere safe and away from direct sunlight.

Styling your hair extensions is also quite common, but it’s essential to be careful when doing so. Make a habit of spraying your extensions with a heat protectant before exposing them to hot tools to avoid heat damage. Trimming the edges when you notice split-ends can also be a great way to preserve your extensions.

Final Thoughts

Depending on the type of extension and the frequency of use, hair extensions can last from a few months to a year. The first step to ensure longevity is to get only the best hair extensions for your hair. You can go for natural ones, but quality synthetic extensions can also be a great option. Practising care when using them is also key. Be gentle whenever you apply or take them out of your hair, and make sure to wash them properly for a longer lifespan.

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