How to Find Your Perfect Hair Extensions Colour – 4 Tips

The secret to using hair extensions perfectly is to wear them seamlessly and make them look like part of your natural hair. That means wearing the extensions the right way and choosing the right colour and texture to match your normal hair. You should also look for natural hair extensions over synthetic ones to ensure high quality.

Many tutorials online will teach you how to wear hair extensions correctly and make them appear seamless. That said, successfully colour-matching them with your hair can be particularly challenging. This article will give you tips on how to find the most natural-looking hair extensions for you via some colour-matching tricks:

Tip 1: Check the colour of the ends of your hair

Hair extensions are, most of the time, attached to the bottom of your head—that’s why they are called extensions. When choosing the right match, always use the colour of your hair’s ends as a reference, not your roots. That is the most accurate way to find the best colour match. Doing so will ensure that your hair and the extension will blend nicely together. If you have multiple hair colours, go with the most prominent one. 

Tip 2: Colour match under natural lighting

The best way to colour match is under natural light. If there is a window nearby, do the match test there. Artificial lights can affect how a colour appears, and it can trick your eyes. Incandescent lights, for example, cast a warm light. It can enhance the way reds, oranges, yellows, and other warm colours appear, making them look more vibrant than usual. 

Tip 3: When choosing between two colours, opt for the lighter one

If you are torn between two colours, it is always best to stick with the lighter choice. Light hair extensions are easier to tone darker. On the other hand, bleaching dark extensions to make them appear lighter is not possible. 

You can also ask whoever provided you with the extensions if they also offer toning services. Some hair extension providers offer this service to achieve the perfect colour that will match their customers’ hair. You can also do it on your own, but asking for professional help can give you better results. 

Tip 4: Ask the experts

If you are still confused despite testing and double-checking all angles possible, know that you can seek a hair expert’s guidance and help. At Foxy Locks, we have complete instructions on how you can colour match your hair with our extensions. Click this link to learn how we can do it for you. You can also get in touch with us through our contact details and social media accounts if you have more questions. 


Not choosing the right extension hair colour that matches your locks is a giveaway that you are wearing faux hair, which can ruin your whole look. Remember that not all the hair on your head has the same colour, and your goal should be to find the shade that is closest to your natural hair. This process can be tricky, but you can follow the previously mentioned tips to make your extensions look perfect, even when cut or styled. 

Are you looking for good hair extensions in the UK? Check our clip-in hair extensions and clip-in ponytails. We have many lengths and colours for you to choose from. We use one hundred per cent human hair when we make our extensions, making them look as natural as they can. 

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