How to Maintain the Quality of Your Remy Hair Extensions

Remy human hair is one of the most prized hair extensions globally because of its high quality. These hair extensions have less shedding and tangle compared to other types. However, it is still no exception to this problem.

Remy hair is usually tangle-free when you first get it from the hair vendor, and if correctly used, it may remain tangle-free for a long time. However, misusing the Remy hair weave may result in entanglement, which is something hair extension users hate.

If you don’t want your Remy hair to go through the same fate, you need to take proper care of it. Read on to find out how.

How High Quality Is Remy Hair?

With Remy hair, you get what you pay for. The quality of these hair extensions is prized in the market. However, how do you ensure that what you’re buying is of quality?

You can read up about different Remy hair qualities, so you know which one is best to your liking, and purchase that. There are four types of Remy hair, and these are:

  • Indian Remy hair
  • Brazilian Remy hair
  • Peruvian Remy hair
  • Malaysian Remy hair

These four Remy hair types indicate where these hair extensions come from. But wherever it was sourced, Remy hair is guaranteed to be directly cut off from the donator.

That means that the original cuticle and hair strands are sewn in the same direction, ensuring a tangle-free and high-quality virgin Remy hair.

Here are the definitive signs of high-quality Remy hair:

1. Smooth to the Touch

High-quality Remy hair is soft, smooth and gentle to the touch. If the hair extension you’re looking at is stiff and rough, then that isn’t high-quality Remy hair. You should search for other stores.

2. Lustrous

Virgin Remy hair bundles have a natural luster. However, if there is exaggerated luster around the hair, that can be a sign that it isn’t natural. To be sure, ask your hair professional about it.

Some extension vendors tend to coat the silicone to give the hair extra shine, but that quickly fades after worn. Afterward, your Remy hair may also become dry and tangled. So it’s best to only buy Remy hair from a seller you trust.

How Does Remy Hair Tangle?

Tangling and matting is a common problem for both natural hair and hair extensions. In the case of Remy hair, tangling may still occur, but excessive tangling is often the result of a defective batch. Other than that, it may also be because of improper care and maintenance for these extensions.

Hair extension tangling may be because of different reasons, such as product buildup, frequent use of hot tools and failing to use the recommended hair care products for your specific hair extensions.

To determine whether the tangling of your Remy hair is excessive, tell your stylist about your problem. They should also be able to give you tips on fixing the tangling.

How to Wash Remy Hair Before Wearing

Many women tend to think that it’s not important to wash new human hair extensions. But that could not be more wrong. If you wash your newly purchased Remy hair extensions, you’ll be avoiding entangling them.

Proper washing of your new Remy hair is absolutely essential. For wet and wavy Remy hair, you can begin by smoothing out the hair with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. That should effectively remove the tangled human Remy hair at the roots. Then, you can add moisturizer or essential oils that can protect your Remy hair. A good hair conditioner keeps the hair from tangling.

How to Use Hair Care Products on Remy Hair

It’s essential that you use the recommended products for your specific Remy hair extensions. You should also remember to apply a heat protectant before using any hot tools. In addition, oils and moisturizers must be used from the hair’s mid-shaft down to prevent extensions from slipping.

If there is product buildup on the hair, you can clean the ends using a clarifying shampoo. But remember that too much clarifying shampoo can cause the color to fade even faster.

Here are some products you can use to care for your Remy hair:

1. Deep Conditioner

Dry hair is one of the most common culprits of tangling hair extensions. To prevent that, you can use a deep conditioner or a leave-on moisturizer once a week. Be sure to apply the conditioner to the ends only to avoid getting greasy roots. That could result in your extensions slipping.

Moreover, conditioning your hair lets you restore any moisture lost due to heat styling, swimming in chlorine, extreme weather and other factors.

2. Oil Treatment for Hair Extensions

When your Remy hair is tangle-free, you can reduce frizz with an oil treatment. That effectively reduces the frizziness of hair extensions. Moreover, they’re also great for hair extensions since they nourish the hair and smoothen the cuticle.

3. Classic Brush

Brushing your hair is an understated hair care activity. It’s essential to brush your hair extensions with a paddle or loop brush three times a day, as recommended by professionals. Be sure to brush gently from the top to the root.

Using a wide-tooth shower comb when brushing wet hair extensions prevents breakage since it lets you slowly work through the knots.

4. Old T-Shirt

Don’t wrap your hair up over your head or rub them together when drying with a towel. Both can cause a lot of friction and tangle to your hair. Instead, you should gently squeeze water out of your hair with an old T-shirt.


Properly caring for your Remy hair involves many steps and the right products. It is only essential to take good care of such expensive hair extensions to ensure that your Remy hair lasts for years to come. You should make sure that it remains tangle-free and regularly conditioned. In addition, you should also brush it appropriately. Only then are you assured that they are properly taken care of.

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