How to Properly Wash Different Types of Hair Extensions (part 2)

In the first installment of this two-part article, we have shared with you the proper way to wash temporary clip-in hair extensions and the importance of a good hair care routine for extensions. 

In this second part, we will focus on how you can properly wash permanent extensions, which can be more complicated than cleaning temporary clip-ins. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing blonde, black, or auburn hair extensions – you need to know the correct washing method to prolong its life:

What Are Permanent Hair Extensions?

These are hair extensions that are attached to your hair and last for several weeks before requiring removal or repositioning. While the washing procedure is slightly similar to clip-ins, it generally needs more frequent washing because you don’t remove it. If you don’t wash it correctly, you won’t only be damaging the extensions but potentially your natural hair, too. 

How Do You Wash Permanent Hair Extensions?

Here’s a quick guide on how you should wash your permanent hair extensions:

  1. Give your hair extensions a good but gentle brushing before you wash your head to prevent matting and make it much easier to comb your hair after washing. 
  2. You might be tempted to wash your hair upside down over your sink, thinking this is much easier. Don’t do it. You should always wash your hair with your head tilted backward because you should have water directed downwards from roots to tips when you’re washing permanent hair extensions, as you would with clip-in hair extensions. When you wash your hair upside down, you’ll get all your hair tangled up, and this can pull the extensions out and even damage your hair. 
  3. Remember to shampoo the roots of your hair around the attachments and do it thoroughly but gently. Don’t be afraid to wash the bonds. The truth is, if the roots where the bonds are attached are not sufficiently cleaned, the residue from dust and oils can lead to mould growth – something you certainly don’t want to happen! It will also cause a foul odour from your head and irritate your scalp. This also means you’ll need to wash your hair more frequently. The best way to ensure that the roots are clean enough is by gently shampooing twice every time you wash your hair. 
  4. Do rinse your hair well after every shampoo. Yes, this can be tricky, which is why you have to be more mindful of how you rinse your hair. A tip? Section your hair when you rinse and do so until the water runs clear to ensure no product residue is left. This might seem laborious, but that’s something that can prevent problems later on.
  5. Condition the hair generously after shampooing. However, you should only do it from the mid-length down to the tips of the hair. Never apply conditioner close to the roots of your hair because this can lead to the hair extensions slipping and falling out. 
  6. As you would after shampooing, rinse the hair after applying a conditioner or a mask. When the conditioner is not rinsed out thoroughly, the hair can end up looking greasy, and it will be hard to dry. 
  7. Deep condition every other wash and leave it in for half an hour to one hour to hydrate your hair extensions and your hair and replenish lost moisture. This will be beneficial both to your extensions and your natural hair. 
  8. You can then leave your hair to dry after ensuring that the roots and bonds are dried right after washing them. You don’t want to leave the roots damp for long as this could encourage mould growth, too. 

What Products Are Recommended for Permanent Hair Extensions?

Foxy Locks products that work well with clip-ins also work wonders with permanent hair extensions, so whether you need shampoo, hair mask, hair oil, or others, you can be sure that you’re getting a product that’s specifically created for your hair extensions. 

Avoid using products with sulfates or alcohol because while they can effectively remove dirt from the hair, they’ll also remove any moisture left on the hair extensions. This is especially bad for pre-bonded hair extensions. The thing with sulfate-free shampoos, though, is that they don’t make a good lather. Instead of adding too much product, try splashing some water to create more foam. 

Deep conditioners are also needed if you wear permanent extensions. Blonde shades, which often get dry faster, need it even more so. What deep conditioners do is close the hair cuticles and make the hair look shinier. At the same time, it offers protection from damage from the sun and other environmental factors. Moroccan oil is an excellent ingredient that you should look for in your hair extension care products because it can be very hydrating, and it helps repair both your hair and the extensions. Make sure that you apply this only every other wash or even every two or three washes. 

How Often Should You Wash Your Permanent Hair Extensions?

As mentioned, you are going to have to wash your permanent hair extensions more frequently than you would if you had clip-ins. But how often are we talking here precisely? It’s tricky because over-washing can be bad for the extensions, too. Washing your hair once or twice a week is ideal. Do it three times, maximum, and only if you got your hair dirty. If you’re worried that your head would smell if you don’t wash your hair every day, try using dry shampoo to keep it fresh and keep grease at bay. 

To reduce the need for frequent washing, try to avoid situations that could expose your hair to dust and dirt. If you have an extremely active lifestyle and you go to the gym every day or do activities like hiking, swimming, and others regularly, you might want to rethink getting permanent hair extensions. Temporary clip-ins may be the more appropriate hair extensions for you. 


Auburn, black, and blonde hair extensions all require regular upkeep. Whether you are wearing permanent hair extensions or clip-ins, proper hair extensions care starts with the correct way of washing. Hopefully, the tips we have shared here with you will help you keep your hair extensions smelling fresh and looking fabulous for much longer.

If you are looking for the best hair care products that are specifically made for hair extensions, check out the selection Foxy Locks has for you. See our collection of gorgeous human hair extensions, too!

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