How to Style Human Hair Extensions the Right Way: A Guide

Investing in good hair extensions provides more personalised hairstyling. While professional hairstylists typically apply them, some types of extensions can be styled on your own. But to do that, you need the correct information to ensure they remain damage-free and last a long time. 

Synthetic hair extensions usually cannot withstand heat and do not look natural when cut. Still, extensions made of human hair can be heat-styled and appear effortlessly gorgeous with layers or defined bangs. Therefore, human hair extensions are your best option. Here are the steps to style them, get the most natural results, and glam up your look:

Hide short hair strands 

Short hair strands sticking out are the number one dead giveaway that you are wearing hair extensions. Your goal is to ensure your extensions are styled as seamlessly with your natural hair as possible.

To hide your actual hair length and get rid of those unruly hair strands, take 1-2 finger lengths of hair, part it horizontally, twist this small section until it is completely rolled up. Afterwards, tuck it up horizontally and pin it flat to the back of your head. This will instantly make your annoying hair strands invisible from underneath every time you are wearing hair extensions. 

You now just have to apply your hair extensions. Keep them tangle-free using a wide-toothed comb. Another option is to put in all your extensions first before styling.

Clip in your first layer of hair extensions

Wefts are the layers of hair that are clipped in. Use the narrow weft first and start at the bottom of the head. Make sure no short hairs are sticking out by pinning them up the back. Continue doing two layers of rolling and pinning up your hair to prevent any short hairs from showing through.

Go for wider wefts

Using two wider wefts, work your way up the back of your head by following its natural shape. Clip them in your hair a bit away from your scalp so you can move more comfortably and prevent the extensions from digging into your scalp. To attach them more securely, especially if you have fine hair, slightly tease your hair at the root.

Every kit is unique, but if you have small single or double clip wefts, place them on the sides of your hair and other areas, depending on your needs. You may also not use them at all if you think you don’t need to.

Do not clip wefts on the top area

The trick to ensuring your wefts look unnoticeable is to avoid clipping any wefts on the top area or anywhere above the top of the ears. Also, feel free to use less or more wefts depending on the look you are going for. 

It’s best to use all your wefts to have thicker hair or want a more voluminous style. On the other hand, you can opt to put fewer wefts in if you are in the mood for a more natural look. Just note to start at the bottom, hide your short hairs underneath, and space out wefts. Finally, brush through your finished look using a wide-toothed comb and enjoy flaunting your flawless new hairstyle.


Glamming up your look is as easy and hassle-free as using hair extensions. This way, you don’t have to wait for months or years to grow your hair out or expose your natural hair to harmful chemicals just to get your desired look. Ensure that you are styling your hair with extensions the right way by using this guide. 

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