How to Take Care of Your Hair: Our Top 10 Hair Care Tips

Stressed about the state of your tresses? Whether you’re suffering from winter hair woes or heat damaged hair from over-styling, here at Foxy Locks, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our top hair care tips for how to take care of your hair, including how to repair damaged hair and get it back to looking its best.

1. Prevent Heat Damaged Hair

Number one on our list of hair care tips is minimising the damage done by heat. If your hair routine involves a hairdryer, curling tongs or straighteners, hair protection products are key to avoiding dried out, heat damaged hair. The golden rule when it comes to how to protect your hair from heat is to give it a generous spritz of heat protection spray before applying any heat to it. When you can avoid it, skip the heat altogether and give your hair a break by opting to air-drying instead.

2. Reduce Your Water Temperature

While hair protection products are vital when styling, heat damaged hair can often start in the shower. If your shower regularly creeps up to near-scalding temperatures, you’re not doing your hair (or skin, for that matter) any favours. You can end up stripping your hair of essential oils, leaving it looking dry and dulled. Opting for lukewarm water instead is much better for limiting heat damage on your tresses, while a quick blast of cold water can give it a healthy shine.

3. Avoid Overwashing

Alongside reducing the temperature in your shower, another of our top hair care tips is to also consider reducing how often you wash your hair, as overwashing can strip your hair of moisture and oils, causing breakage and split ends. So, if you’re seeking solutions for how to repair damaged hair, one of the best things you can do is wean yourself off unnecessary washes.

4. Cleanse & Condition Correctly

When you do wash your hair, make sure you’re using the right techniques. Rather than lather down the length of your hair, shampoo should be concentrated to the roots to help cleanse away oil build-up while avoiding breakage at the ends. In contrast, conditioner should typically be focused from the mid-length to your ends to avoid weighing down your hair and contributing to greasy roots.

5. Deep Condition

Heat damaged hair crying out for moisture? Alongside regular conditioning, a deep conditioning treatment can work wonders when it comes to how to repair damaged hair and hair extensions. Adopting our sulfate-free Foxy Locks Argan Oil Deep Hydrating Hair Mask into your routine will help strengthen, soften and nourish your thirsty hair and get it back to its best in no time.

6. Wide Teeth for Wet Hair

As wet hair snaps far more easily than dry hair, it’s important to be careful with the brushes you use post-shower. One of our top hair care tips is to stick to wide-tooth combs, or detangling brushes, whenever it’s wet to avoid breakage.

7. Switch Up Your Style

Another great tip when it comes to how to look after your hair is to switch up your style to prevent repeated damage to the same areas. Partial to a ponytail? While we love a classic pony, elastic bobbles are one of the worst offenders for snapping hair. Leaving your hair down or switching to another style can help save your locks from damage over time. 

8. Massage Your Scalp

A healthy scalp is key to healthy hair. A build-up of hair oils, product, and dead skin cells can leave our scalps dry, stunt hair growth and leave our hair lacking lustre. Massaging your scalp regularly with your fingers or a soft brush is one of our favourite, super-easy natural hair care tips you can incorporate into your daily routine. 

9. Sleep on Silk

Another of our easy hair protection tips is to swap out your cotton pillowcases for silk ones to make unruly bed-hair a thing of the past. Because silk pillowcases have such a smooth surface, they help prevent the friction that causes hair frizz, tangles and breakage. Waking up with smoother hair will also reduce your need to tackle your mane with a brush come morning.

10. Get Regular Trims

And finally, last on our list of hair tips is to get your hair cut regularly. While it can be tempting to avoid a trip to the hairdressers if you’re longing for waist-length locks, this habit can actually be counterproductive to growth, especially if you have heat damaged hair. As split ends will inevitably snap off and can creep further up the hair shaft, getting regular trims is one of the best ways to keep your hair looking and feeling much healthier and less brittle in the long run.

Now you know how to repair damaged hair and our golden rules for hair protection, you can ensure your locks remain long and luscious all year round. As all our Foxy Locks hair extensions are made from Remy human hair, you can apply many of our hair care tips to keeping them in top condition, too!

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