How to Tell if Your Remy Hair Extensions Need Replacement

Hair extensions—yes, even the highest quality ones—wear down over time and eventually fail to deliver on the look you’re going for. Even though you may like your extensions, they may get frizzy and caked with the product. This day will come, and it is critical to recognize when it is time to move on. 

Continue reading to learn about the most frequent indicators that it is time to replace your outdated extensions with a new set.

1. You’ve Got More Split Ends

Split ends are a sign that your hair needs a trim, and they can occur even when using extensions. In fact, they are often more visible in hair extensions than they are in natural hair. Unfortunately, split ends are irreparable. Once you see them accumulating, prepare to say goodbye to your old, damaged wefts and welcome a brand new, freshly laundered set. 

2. Your Curling Iron Is Less Effective

Over time, extensions may get trickier to curl, and you’ll have to say goodbye to those beachy waves. Extensions are less likely to respond to style in the same manner as they get more usage and more product. If your curling iron is beginning to behave more like a hair straightener, it may be time to consider investing in a new set of accessories.

3. Your Frizz Is Beyond Repair

Have the effects of daily wear and tear caused your extensions to become frizzy beyond repair? It’s time to put your hair straightener away and take a vacation from using hair extensions. Excessive heat may cause your wefts to become dry, damaged, and frizzy, regardless of whether they are composed of synthetic or natural hair. Even though products may temporarily reduce frizz, they may wind up exacerbating the issue in the long run. If you see frizz that doesn’t appear to be going away, it’s time to have your Remy extensions professionally replaced.

4. Your Products Are Building  Up

Even if you wash and care for your hair extensions regularly, the product may accumulate on the extensions. They become so tough to wash out that it is no longer worth the effort when covered in layers of style product. At the beginning of the extension process, hair product accumulation is more noticeable than at the conclusion. If regular cleaning no longer works, it may be time to invest in a new set.

5. Your Hair Is Matted

You shouldn’t have to fight with your extensions all of the time simply to keep them looking beautiful and tangle-free. It doesn’t matter whether the matting is caused by an excessive amount of product or a few restless nights; matting may get the better of you and your hairpiece no matter what the reason. Knots that are impossible to remove and lusterless parts are often enough to justify a fresh set of hair extensions.

What Is the Average Lifespan of Remy Hair Extensions? 

The length of time that the hair extensions will endure in terms of an individual fitting differs from the length of time that the hair itself will last. In general, you can anticipate an installation to last up to 4 months before it needs to be removed, with a few sessions to move the extensions up. A resting period allows your hair to continue to grow organically, and the connections between your hair follicles will gradually migrate farther and further away from your scalp. 

Even though the hair should still be in excellent condition at this point, the extensions will need to be removed to prevent your natural hair from getting tangled or harmed in any way. Though it is possible to have the same hair re-fitted, it is essential to take frequent pauses from wearing hair extensions to preserve your natural hair and encourage it to remain in good condition over time. 

How Do You Know If Your Hair Extensions Will Last? 

When it comes to determining how long hair extensions will last, there are two distinct factors to consider: the length of time the hair itself will last and the length of time the fitting will last. These are two distinct components, and they must be regarded as independent entities. 

Although human hair has a reasonably long shelf life in general, since hair extensions are no longer connected to the scalp and are subjected to different degrees of care depending on the person wearing them, the hair itself can last for 4-6 months. That is, of course, a very rough guideline. Those who adhere to proper maintenance and aftercare instructions can expect their hair extensions to last significantly longer than this; similarly, failing to care for your hair extensions properly can shorten the amount of time your hair extensions will last.

How to Increase the Longevity of Your Hair Extensions

It is essential that you adhere to all of the manufacturer’s recommendations for caring for your hair extensions to guarantee that they last as long as possible. 

Consider your hair extensions to be as delicate as a cashmere sweater; cashmere is a very costly commodity to purchase and must be cared for in a very particular manner to maintain its quality. It is possible to have a long-lasting, wonderfully soft cashmere sweater if you care for it according to all the instructions included with the garment. Failing to do so will leave you with a sweater that is most likely too small to be worn, and it may even feel scratchy and uncomfortable. Just like a beautiful cashmere sweater, your hair extensions should be handled carefully for you to get the most use out of them.

Using hair oils will assist in replacing the nutrients that would have been lost if the hair were not receiving them from the scalp. Making frequent use of oils can assist in keeping your hair extensions looking and feeling great for a more extended period.

Get the Most of Your Extensions by Choosing Remy Clip-ins

It’s only reasonable to want your new extensions to last as long as possible once you’ve invested your money in them. To do this, be sure that you adhere to all of the suggested care instructions for your hair extensions. Check to see that you’re washing, drying, and storing your extensions the right way. You will be able to preserve them in their original, stunning state for as long as possible in this manner. 

Beyond that, get high-quality hair extensions to begin with. Remy clip-in extensions are fashioned from human hair, and it will give you the most naturally luxurious look. If you are looking for the best Remy clip-in hair extensions, Foxy Locks is the place to be. We offer and ship a variety of thick clip-in human hair extensions in the UK and USA. Check our product offerings today!

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