Human Hair and Synthetic Hair Extensions—Which is Better?

For people looking to purchase their first set of good hair extensions, it’s essential to note that you can choose from two kinds—human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions. While both products offer the same functions of giving you longer hair and a better hairstyle, you must know their difference to ensure you choose the right one for you and acquire your money’s worth. 

Keep reading below to learn how to tell if human hair or synthetic hair extensions are the right hair accessory for you, giving you better chances of fashioning your look the way you see fit.

Human Hair Extensions Last Longer

One of the most crucial factors to consider when selecting between natural hair extensions and artificial hair extensions is knowing how long they will last. When you go out of your way to maintain your human hair extensions, you can expect to benefit from them for over a year. Meanwhile, when you opt to use synthetic hair extensions, even with proper care, it can only provide its functions for a good several months.

Synthetic Hair Extensions are Easier to Maintain

Despite the shorter lifespan of synthetic extensions, they’re actually much easier to maintain, allowing you to keep them in prime condition better compared to human hair extensions. Unlike human extensions, which you need to wash as often as your natural hair, synthetic hair only requires minimal washing, drying, and proper storage to maintain them for a long period.

Human Hair Extensions Can Be Styled Using Heat

If you’re someone who switches their hairstyle from straight to wavy and curly, you will need hot tools to make that happen. However, if you want to use hair extensions, you must ensure you select the proper type of hair. Unfortunately, most synthetic hair extensions can melt when they come in contact with prolonged heat. Whereas with human hair extensions, they can withstand the warmth, allowing you to style them as you please.

Synthetic Hair Extensions Can Stand Climate Conditions

Unless the synthetic hair extensions you purchase indicates they are heat-friendly, you cannot style them with equipment that works with heat. However, you can preserve their current styling despite experiencing weather changes that involve rain or humidity. Compared to human hair ponytail extensions that can easily get affected by the climate, synthetic hair remains the way it is without problems.

Human Hair Extensions Look More Natural

If you wish to acquire hair extensions that look natural and match your real hair perfectly, human hair extensions have the same quality and feel. In fact, people may not even notice that you’re wearing hair extensions because they tend to blend seamlessly with your real hair! The extensions are available in an array of colours, textures, and lengths, allowing you to select one based on your natural hair’s shade.

Synthetic Hair Extensions are More Affordable

Hair extensions come at different prices due to their quality. If you’re trying to stick to a budget, it’s fundamental to know that synthetic hair extensions are more affordable than human hair extensions. Since human extensions provide better quality and look more natural, you can expect them to be more expensive. Whereas with synthetic hair, they can still look natural, come in the right shade for you, and let you receive the proper length you desire.


Human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions have the same purpose of providing people with the right colour and length they want for their new hairstyle. However, they also have differences regarding the features they offer, leaving you to decide which one’s best for you. If you have the budget to support your needs and want a long-term investment, you should opt for human hair extensions. Meanwhile, if you prefer low-maintenance and affordable extensions, synthetic hair extensions will be more realistic for you.

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