Human Hair Extensions: Are They Better Than Synthetic Ones?

The hair extensions industry is continuously growing, and the materials and styles used for these luxurious hair accessories vary. In the early 2000s, even famous pop icons can get away with fake pieces that you can spot from a mile away. But fast forward to today, and you’ll find it difficult to determine whether or not a woman is wearing extensions – that is, if she’s wearing natural hair extensions made from 100% human hair.

Now, here’s a question you will want to know the answer to: Is human hair extensions really better than synthetic ones? What makes them different?

Before we talk about their differences, it’s better to answer the first question straight away. Yes, 100% human hair extensions are significantly better than synthetic extensions! Now, it’s time for you to find out why:

They Look Seamless with Your Own Hair

Even the sharpest eyes won’t be able to tell that you’re wearing extensions if you choose human hair extensions in the same shade as your hair. On the other hand, even kids can spot extensions that are made of artificial hair. No matter how you try to blend it with your own hair, synthetic hair strands just have a different texture and look that they stand out in a not-so-good way.

They Can Be Heat-Styled

If you’re fond of styling your hair for special occasions and the reason you’re getting extensions is to try more hairstyles, then the only option to consider is human hair extensions. When clip-ins or ponytails are made of 100% human hair, you can style them just like you would your own natural hair. You can blow-dry, straighten, or perm as you wish, which is something that you cannot do with synthetic extensions.

Also, you can apply hair products to human hair extensions. In fact, you won’t have to deal with product buildup because they can be washed. This is yet another thing that you cannot do with synthetic extensions!

They Can Be Dyed, Toned, and Cut

Because they are made of human hair, they can also be dyed, toned, and even trimmed to your liking–something that, again, cannot be done with synthetic hair extensions. This means that if you’re opting for synthetics, you really should find one that matches your own hair a hundred per cent; otherwise, it would stick out and look tacky.

They Don’t Tangle and Break so Easily

Synthetic hair extensions are weak, and because of their texture, they tend to get tangled easily. They are also prone to breaking. In contrast, authentic human hair extensions do not get tangled that much, and if they do, they can be detangled easily without breakage.

They Last Significantly Longer

On average, synthetic hair extensions last between one and three months. On the other hand, human hair extensions can last for years, especially when you take care of them properly!


If there is one advantage of synthetic extensions over human hair ponytail extensions or clip-ins is their price. Synthetics are significantly cheaper. That said, if you consider it carefully, they may be priced lower, but because of their limitations and disadvantages, you’re actually not going to be saving anything when you choose them. In fact, you could be wasting your money!

You’ll get better value for your money if you choose 100% human hair extensions which can deliver everything you could want from extensions and enjoy them for a long time.

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