Learning About Dry Hair Extensions and Revitalising Them

Hair extensions can look absolutely fabulous on a person, making the locks look thicker and more alive than before. However, they can be quite an investment for some people. And like any investment, you want to ensure that they’re well taken care of.

One common issue that most hair enthusiasts may run into with their extensions is that they seem to dry out and get damaged. If you want to learn more about the issue and how you can revitalise the hair extensions for further use in the future, keep reading.

Is My Hair Extensions Dry and Damaged?

Before jumping to any conclusions, you need to confirm that your hair extensions are indeed dry and frizzy. Extensions often gradually get frizzy when they aren’t maintained properly, appearing as such due to the lack of proper hydration. Our scalp can regularly produce sebum, which helps with our natural hair’s moisture and health.

Since extensions are void of those natural hair oils, they are much more susceptible to that damage. Certain hair extension owners may even notice the strands shrivelling up and falling out, which is certainly not normal. Two things that you need to do after seeing the damage to your hair extensions is to deduce the other causes and fix your hair extensions. 

Why Is My Hair Extension Damaged?

As mentioned above, hair extensions are often damaged because they don’t receive the proper lubrication like our natural hair. However, there are several factors that could have contributed or even accelerated your hair extension’s damages. Here are some of the causes that you should keep an eye out for and avoid: 

1.Hard Water. Although you should wash your hair to keep them nice and soft, there are different types of water that you should be mindful of. Hard water, which refers to liquids with high mineral content, should be off-limits. 

Hair extensions often suffer and dry out immediately, with some extension owners also noticing the sudden colour fade when using hard water. It can be unfortunate that most water supplies do utilise this water type, so be wary when washing the extensions.

2.Sea Water. Hard water is already discouraged from getting into contact with your hair extensions due to its mineral content, but sea water has almost double the amount. It also contains salt, which is not the best for any kind of hair extension.

Whatever you do, just try to prevent your hairpieces from getting exposed to the sea water. If you’re going for a dip, try to remove the extensions first or just opt to leave them for use later on.

3. Pool Water. Pool water is another kind of water that should be off-limits when you have your hair extensions clipped in. Although you might think it’s harmless, do keep in mind that almost every swimming pool utilises chlorine.

Chlorine is horrible for your natural hair, which is why most people are recommended to avoid staying in for very long. The extent of chlorine’s damage to your extensions is even worse, so just keep your weave away to keep them safe.

4.Bad Quality. The potential reason your hair extensions got damaged so easily is because of their lacklustre quality and craftsmanship. Poorly made wigs and hair extensions often break quite easily, so try to look for better quality.

Remy human hair extensions are the best kinds that you can get on the market. They take longer to dry out, especially when given the right amount of lubrication. Remy hair extensions are notably easier to maintain no matter how many times you use them, too.

5.Heat Exposure. Finally, one thing that can cause dry hair extensions is overexposure to heat. When we curl or straighten our hair with our ironing devices, they are often devoid of any hydration to get into the shape you want them.

Sun exposure can also render the hair extensions more damaged than before. Although the sunlight may bring out the shine in your natural hair and extensions in pictures, staying out for too long makes them vulnerable to drying out.

How Can I Fix My Hair Extensions?

If your hair extensions are already frizzy and matte, it can be rather difficult to revive your hair extensions. There are cases where the hairpieces are typically unsalvageable, but also situations wherein your extensions can still be revitalised once again. Here are the steps that you’ll want to take to fix up your hair extensions again:

  • Brush Them Through. Dry hair extensions tend to develop these knots or tangles that can further result in damage, especially when you pull them. Instead of risking those strands from being removed, just try to brush them through instead. Be gentle with them as you try to untangle any of the built-up frizz on the extensions.
  • Add Conditioner. Conditioner will be your best friend when you’re trying to fix your dry hair extensions. Hair conditioning masks and solutions will make it easier to comb through and soften the strands. Consider adding the treatment up to the clips to ensure that the whole length is covered.
  • Wash Thoroughly. Once the conditioner is done soaking the hair extensions, it’s time to wash everything out. Use a shampoo and conditioner when removing the mask and cleaning out the extensions. Be sure to avoid using anything that contains sulphate, as it may hinder the moisture you’ve worked on adding to the extensions.
  • Spray for Hydration. After your hair extensions have been washed and wrung, try to add some moisture sprays to hydrate the strands even further. Heat protection spray would also be a good addition that can prevent the warmth from completely drying out the extensions right away.
  • Let Them Dry. Once you’ve taken all those steps, it’s time to let the hair extensions dry. You may try using an ironing device on your clip-ins when styling them after washing, but just opt to let the extensions air-dry this time. You can use a heating device thereafter to gently and fully dry the now-soft hair extensions. 


Understanding the causes of dry hair extensions can give you a better insight into what to avoid when you’re wearing your clip-ins. Continuous maintenance is needed if you want to fix your extensions and keep them for the long term.

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