Looking After Your Lashes: The Best False Eyelashes Tips

From creating a bold evening aesthetic to enhancing our daily makeup, defining our eyes with a pair of false eyelashes can completely transform a look. Whether it’s flirty natural lashes or a dark and dramatic pair, when mascara alone just won’t do the job, false lashes help boost our lashes and our confidence. 

Lash lovers, we’ve got you covered. If, like us, you can’t live without the enviable flutter falsies provide, knowing how to take care of them is key. Here at Foxy Locks, we’ve created a guide on looking after your lashes, including the best false eyelashes tips for keeping yours in the best condition and getting the most from each wear.

Why Use False Eyelashes

The eyes are essential to every bold and dramatic makeup look. Cute eyelash extensions can bring out your eyes’ flirty yet elegant charm. The longer and thicker they are, the more you are likely to turn heads. But these are not just accessories that you can toss aside once you’re done. If you don’t take care of your eyelash extensions, they can become crusty. And not only is that a not-so-cute look on you, but it could also lead to some severe problems.

Eyelash extensions are applied very close to your eyes, which are a very sensitive part of your body. Makeup residue can linger on your lashes, making them unsanitary. But you don’t need to throw away a fresh pair after one use and keep buying lashes. All you need to do is follow this guide to caring for them.

What Are False Eyelashes Made Of?

False eyelashes can be made from a variety of different materials. The cheapest eyelashes on the market tend to be made from a type of plastic, which gives them quite a firm and rigid feel. The best false eyelashes to achieve a more natural feel and appearance are made from higher-quality materials such as faux mink, silk and Remy human hair. 

Silk and faux-mink lashes are softer and more delicate than synthetic alternatives and provide much more flexibility, giving them a far more natural aesthetic. Another premium-grade option is Remy human hair lashes. Considered the finest material available for both hair extensions and lashes, Remy human hair false eyelashes offer the closest likeness to your natural lashes while enhancing their thickness and length. 

At Foxy Locks, our own false eyelashes are made from premium-grade Remy hair, while the L’amore lashes within our collection are made from luxury silk. As well as providing a superior look, the higher quality of these materials means they last longer than their synthetic equivalents.

How Long Do False Eyelashes Last?

Good fake eyelashes should last a full evening if applied correctly with high-quality eyelash glue. However, if you know you’re going to be wearing them from dinner to drinks or for an extended period, it’s always a good idea to keep some eyelash glue to hand in your purse to top them up and ensure they stay securely in place. 

Eyelash Extension Care Tips When You Have Them On

Refrain From Touching Them

Once you have them on, let them do their job. You don’t need to keep touching them to ensure they’re still properly glued on. Remember that your fingers have natural oil on them. If you keep touching your eyelash extensions, these oils sneak may stain the roots.

Keep them Dry for the First Day or Two

Eyelash extensions need to stay dry for twenty-four to thirty-six hours before use. That means you should avoid wet environments and avoid washing your hair when you have them on. When it hits that twenty-four-hour mark, you’re in the clear. That means you can take a bath or head out on a rainy day. 

You could go to a steam room or go swimming since they are technically waterproof, but they would last longer if you didn’t. Besides, for those kinds of activities, you would enjoy yourself more without them.

Besides water, you need to keep the lashes away from oil. If you have oily skin on your face, try to use blotting papers or moisturisers to reduce oil exposure.

How to Remove False Eyelashes

While removing false eyelashes is easy, the key is being as gentle as possible to avoid damaging your natural lashes or falsies. Avoiding the lash tips to keep them intact, pull very gently across your eyelid, and they should come away easily. While it can be tempting to leave them on your nightstand (especially after a long night out!), it’s important to put them back in their case to keep them clean and protected.

Eyelash Extension Aftercare Tips

Beware of Oil and Oil-based Products

Eyelash extensions should be kept away from oil-based products at all costs. Oil does not have a good effect on lashes and can shorten their shelf life. Eye makeup removers should be oil-free as well. The ideal product for your eyelash extensions is an eyelash foaming cleanser. If you don’t have one or can’t find any, non-conditioning baby shampoo will do.

Clean in a Downward Motion

With a small brush, comb your lashes from top to bottom on a loop. Do not go back and forth. Comb them like you usually would do with hair. After scrubbing them down, rinse them with water and pat them dry gently with a cloth. 

How Many Times Can You Reuse False Eyelashes?

As long as you take care of your false lashes and keep them in good condition, you can get multiple uses out of them! When you do want to wear them again, simply use tweezers to gently remove any glue residue from your last use. To keep them clean and prevent bacteria build-up, avoid applying mascara directly onto your falsies and always store them in their case until your next wear.

How to Clean False Eyelashes

If your false lashes are in need of a clean, there are a few simple things you can do to get them back to their best. As mentioned, if they have sticky residue from your lash glue, simply remove it carefully with a pair of pointed tweezers.

If makeup has transferred onto them, use a face wipe or eye makeup remover and a cotton bud to very gently remove the residue. Try to avoid oil-based removers, as they can also prevent them from sticking down during your next use. 

Our 10 Best False Eyelashes Tips:

  1. Always clean your lashes between uses and wash your hands before each application to avoid spreading bacteria into your eyes.
  2. Before you apply any glue, hold your eyelashes up against your eyes first to ensure they’re the right size.
  3. If you do have to trim your eyelashes down to size, always do so from the outside edge rather than the inside corner.
  4. While you should avoid applying mascara to your false lashes, a thin coat of mascara on your natural lashes gives your false lashes something to better adhere to.
  5. Make your false lashes the last step of your routine to avoid getting makeup on them.
  6. If you need a little help concealing your lash line, a small slick of eyeliner can often do the trick to neaten your final look.
  7. The drier the glue, the better it will stick. For the best application, after you’ve applied the glue across the band, gently blow on it and wait around 30 seconds for it to get slightly tacky before sticking it down.
  8. Find your lashes have a tendency to pop up at the corners? Try wrapping the band around your finger first to improve their curve.
  9. Applying more eyelash glue to each corner can also help ensure they stay in place all night.
  10. To avoid a gap between your false and natural eyelashes, use tweezers or an eyelash applicator to gently pinch them down for a seamless blend.

Follow our simple false eyelash tips, and you’ll be able to ensure you get the most wear from your favourite pairs. Discover our range of luxurious lashes here at Foxy Locks to update your collection.


Eyelash extensions don’t come cheap, so you better take care of your pairs. Take note that they sit atop your eyes, which is why they should be extra clean and sanitised, so they don’t affect your eyes and skin. Remember the tips in this article, and you won’t have to throw away your lashes and steer clear of any unwanted infections.

When it comes to serving looks, you need everything to look as flawless and effortless as possible. Invest in quality products such as natural hair extensions and a pair of good eyelashes. For all things natural hair, shop at Foxy Locks, a leading store in the hair industry. With a selection of clip-in hair extensions and natural lashes to choose from, you will surely find something for you that you’d be pleased with. Shop now!

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