How to Maintain Luxurious Hair Extensions at Home!

The coronavirus is still at large in the UK, meaning many businesses are still implementing strict protocols to reduce the risk of transmission. Most salons are open by appointment only, meaning that it is likely much harder to visit the hair stylist when you feel like you need a fresh look. 

Even if you can’t get an appointment, there’s no reason to just sit and painfully witness the gradual deterioration of your extensions. Instead, take matters into your own hands to maintain a vibrant, healthy, natural-looking head of hair. Here are our tips:

Improve Your Brushing Technique

If you’re already in the habit of brushing your extensions every day, here’s one tip to make it even better: use a special detangling brush made specifically for hair extensions. It will not snag nor catch the hair, and it caters to every strand to ensure its shine and strength.

Aside from using the right tool, however, you also need to use the right technique. Always begin at the ends, working your way upwards. As you brush, move your head gently along with the movement. Go through your locks section by section, and before you go to sleep, put your hair in a loose braid.

Implement an Extension-Friendly Washing Routine

After the extensions have been gently and carefully brushed, soak your hair with warm water. Here’s an extremely important reminder: wash from the crown down without turning your head upside down. This puts the extension in a better position for cleaning without doing any damage.

Gently massage your scalp with just enough shampoo. You don’t need to use significantly more if you’re wearing extensions. Do not scrub the mid-lengths and ends of the extensions, because rinsing will trickle down the shampoo to adequately cleans these parts. Carefully and thoroughly rinse away the product, especially at the bond area of the extensions.

Don’t Forget the Conditioner

Once you’ve rinsed off the shampoo, it’s time for the next step. Conditioning is arguably the best part in hair treatment. When conditioning, gently massage an ample amount towards the mid lengths and ends of the hair. Do not apply product towards the scalp or extension bonds as it may weaken the grip of the extensions. Leave on for up to ten minutes. Thoroughly rinse away the product through free-flowing warm water, gently placing your fingers between hair strands from the mid-length towards the ends. 

Be Gentle When Towel-Drying

After your shower, avoid vigorously drying your hair. Instead, gently squeeze away any excess water from the hair before enclosing it in a microfiber towel. Don’t wrap up the hair too tightly, so that no external force is exerted towards the natural hair and extensions to avoid hair fall. 

After an ample amount of time, depending on your preference, gently remove the towel, exerting the least amount of force on your hands. Gently pat the towel towards the hair—keeping in mind to avoid the extension bonds and the scalp area—to remove any moisture present.


Extensions add some wonderful length and volume to your natural hair, but they do require some additional maintenance. The good news is that maintaining your extensions is possible at home. A weekly professional blow-out is nice, but it isn’t necessary to a beautiful head of hair! 

Lockdown doesn’t have to mean a constant hair disaster. With these simple tips, your hair routine will be a little bit more intentional. Pick up your newest favourite set of Remy human hair extensions from Foxy Locks, be it brunette hair extensions or a long ponytail extension for a special event. 

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