A Guide to Maintaining Smooth and Sleek Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have offered plenty of men and women worldwide a convenient way to change their appearance without making a permanent decision. If you own good quality hair extensions, then you know the benefits it can provide, especially when you want to look different every day.

After some time, hair extensions can start to depreciate because they go through a period of wear and tear due to the countless times you use them. But it’s safe to say that you can extend the lifespan of your natural hair extensions the moment you get them from the store.

Knowing how to take care of your extensions is essential so that you can keep using it for the years to come. You will want to make sure that your hair extensions remain soft and luscious, whether they’re temporary clip-in extensions or permanent weaves. 

Keep reading below to find out tips on maintaining all kinds of hair extensions.

How to Take Care of Your Clip-in Hair Extensions

Store Your Extensions Correctly

Each time you wear your thick clip-in hair extensions, at the end of the day, you may be tempted to keep it on and hit the hay or remove it and simply leave it anywhere. While that may be the case, it has to be avoided at all costs! It’s a must to learn how to store away your extensions after using so that they can maintain their excellent quality. 

Use the Right Hair Brush

Whether you’re wearing your hair extensions or not, you should take the time to brush them to prevent tangles from appearing and causing damage to them. The brush you use should allow you to detangle your extensions while avoiding pulling on the strands, which could affect not only their roots but possibly your natural hair too.

Wash Your Hair Only When Necessary

Your clip-in ponytail extensions are different from your natural hair, so it’s essential to control the number of times you wash them. When you overdo it, you can remove the natural oils on your extensions and end up making them look dull and dry. 

You should use a gentle shampoo and conditioner to wash your extensions, especially when you previously applied hairspray or other hair products.

Dry Your Hair Before Going to Bed

When you get your clip-in extensions wet, you should never go to sleep without drying them out first, regardless if you keep them on or put them away. When you have to use a blow dryer or hair straightener on your extensions the following day, drying them the night before can reduce the required heat you have to apply. 

How to Manage Your Ring, Weft, and Tape Hair Extensions

Put Your Hair in a Braid

When it comes to caring for your permanent hair extensions, you need to treat it a bit differently. Since you can’t take them off, you should make a low braid out of your hair extensions before you go to bed to prevent tangles from occurring while you sleep.

Use the Proper Hair Brush

Similar to handling your clip-in hair extensions, you need to brush your permanent extensions regularly to prevent any unnecessary tangles. Using the right kind of brush will keep you from applying excessive pressure on your hair and avoid ruining your extension bonds.

Apply the Right Hair Products

You will need to continue putting on the right kind of shampoo and conditioner to your permanent extensions. Asking the advice of a professional stylist can help you stay away from over-the-counter products that can actually damage and dry your hair completely!


You shouldn’t place all your efforts solely into making sure your natural hair is healthy because your hair extensions require your equal attention too—regardless if they’re temporary or permanent. Since you’re already investing a significant price on hair extensions, you have to learn how to treat them properly to prevent them from experiencing damages. Remember the tips above, and you can keep using your extensions to make you look beautiful and confidently you!

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