Maintaining Hair Extensions – A Basic Hair Care Guide

It’s commonly thought that hair extensions are for short-haired individuals wishing for longer locks. While this is still true, these implements are becoming more popular for everybody for several reasons. People with fine or thin hair purchase extensions to achieve a thicker mane, while some people just want to change up their look the way they’d vary their makeup!

Whatever your reason may be for getting extensions, maintaining them is a must! Whether you’re new to the idea or are getting them done for the first time, it’s always good to refresh the memory on how to maintain them properly. Doing so will keep the extensions looking better for longer periods!

Here are ways to care for your hair extensions properly:

Cleaning hair extensions

Bear in mind that hair extensions don’t have a supply of natural oils coming from a person’s scalp. To remedy that, treating it with hair products that can substitute for the nourishment provided by the scalp should keep them in good condition. 

While you might shampoo your hair vigorously in the shower, the same treatment cannot be afforded to your extensions. Remember that they have gone through the processing of colouring and sanitising before being purchased, so you must handle them with care to ensure that they last as long as you’d expect. As such, be gentle when applying shampoo and conditioner, and soak your clip-ins in shampooed water before rinsing it thoroughly.

Products to use and avoid for extensions

Using the proper products for your hair extensions can help prolong its lifespan and the number of uses you get out of them. The right shampoos and conditioners will keep your extensions looking and feeling soft and manageable. 

Make sure to check the ingredient list on hair products before purchasing them to ensure that they don’t include sulfates and alcohols. By using sulfate and alcohol-free products, you are ensuring that your hair extensions are not completely stripped bare of any oils that they might already have to protect it from wear and tear. 

Avoiding sticky hair products, such as mousses, gels, and sprays, will keep your extensions looking and feeling fresh. Such products clog up the hair follicles and are usually difficult to wash out, so avoiding them altogether while you have extensions in is your best bet!

The lifespan of hair extensions

Hair extensions can last from three to twelve months, depending on how often they are used and how they are cared for. Washing and wearing hair extensions will shorten their lifespan, so try to do these sparingly. 

Storing your hair extensions

Storing your hair extensions properly can keep them looking new and prevent them from getting matted, tangled, or otherwise damaged. When removing clip-on extensions, brush them through, then clip them shut. After making sure they are completely dry, store them in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. 

It is also helpful to use a hair tie to gather the extensions in a loose ponytail before placing them in an airtight box.


Caring for your extensions is the best way to get the most wear out of them. They can amp up and change your look with a simple clip-in, or they can blend in with your natural hairs for a lustrous look. Hair extensions are a beautiful addition to your locks, whether they’re thin, short, or just need a bit more flair for the night!

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