Our Complete Guide to Taking Care of Your Extensions This Winter

Hair extensions are pure magic! Gone are the days when one had to wait months and even years for their hair to grow to a particular length or think very carefully before making a big chop. Thanks to hair extensions, anyone can rock a chic bob one day and have Rapunzel-like locks the next—whatever hairstyle in mind, you can achieve with extensions!

As an affordable and tried-and-tested way to achieve your dream look, it’s no wonder why hair extensions are immensely popular worldwide. Whether you want to transform your hairstyle for just a day or make the change more permanent, hair extensions can make your hair vision come true.

On Caring for Your Extensions

However, although there’s no denying that extensions have impacted the lives of countless men and women by enhancing their looks and boosting their self-confidence, they still require a bit of upkeep. Just like how you take care of your hair, extensions must always be maintained so that you can use them for a long time!

All kinds of extensions need to be well-taken care of so that they can be worn as beautifully as when they were first bought. It doesn’t matter whether you have the best clip-in hair extensions or not—even the highest quality of hair products must be cared for consistently.

Contrary to what some may think, hair extensions aren’t like hats you wear on your head and remove when not needed. Like your natural hair, you must wash and protect them all-year-round, especially during the colder months.

Extensions and Winter: A Bad Combination

Winter is such an incredible season, isn’t it? There’s nothing like the white snow blanketing the earth, holiday spirit humming in the air, and a warm cup of coffee to make the colder months all the more enjoyable and memorable!

Granted, you can’t go on road trips or the beach during this season, but winter has its own charm that summer can’t offer. However, although winter is undoubtedly a season of celebration and beauty, it has its downsides. 

The all-white surroundings may add a bit of magic in the air, but there’s also the winds and cold, dry weather you have to worry about. If you care a lot about your clip-in hair extensions, expect the colder months to be brutal on them!

Winter Hair Extension Care

Although you must take good care of your hair extensions no matter the season, you must pay extra attention to them during winter. Just because you don’t go out as often and see much sunshine doesn’t mean you should be careless with your hair products. The winter can be harsh, and it could affect the quality of your extensions regardless of their type.

Besides the cold weather outside, the comforting heat within your home could also make your strands weak, dull, and limp. Suffice to say that your hair extensions are subject to several harmful elements no matter where you are!

Indeed, caring for your hair extensions is more challenging during winter, but it is manageable! Read on below to find out how you can take care of your extensions during winter:

1. Gather the Essentials

Your 22-inch hair extensions look luxurious when you first wear them, don’t they? Well, to preserve the lusciousness of your locks, you must protect and nourish them using the necessary products.

Since hair extensions are just as vulnerable to breakage, it’s crucial to use shampoo and conditioner with formulas that won’t strip the hair of its natural oils. When washing your hair extensions, we recommend using sulfate-free shampoos and avoiding products with hydrolyzed silk, oil, extracts, silk, silicone, or wheat protein.

Beyond using the right hair products, you must also wash your hair extensions correctly. Make sure to apply the shampoo or conditioner gently to the hair and finger comb it from the weft to the ends. 

2. Protect Your Extensions Outdoors

Since cold air is drier, it can damage and dry your hair extensions if you put nothing on your head to protect them. Given the harsh conditions outside, you must make sure to shield your hair and hair extensions from the environmental elements by wearing a hat or a scarf. 

We recommend using a silk scarf and a hat lined with silk or satin, as these types of fabric are gentler to the hair. When you take them off, your hair extensions will stay in good condition! Avoid wearing scarves or hats made of wool or cotton because they can cause split ends or breakage.

Besides wearing hats and scarves, it may also be a good idea to spray your hair and extensions with a product that protects them from the cold weather. Use a special spray that works for your hair type to ensure that you won’t be damaging your hair in the process.

3. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Dryness is the enemy of good hair—it damages your locks and ruins their overall appearance! To combat the dryness of winter, make sure to keep your hair extensions adequately hydrated. Deeply conditioning your hair extensions maintains their good condition, staying beautiful and soft all through winter.

Besides shampooing and conditioning your extensions, you may also want to add a few extra steps to your hair care routine. For better hydration and less frizz, apply a good amount of leave-in conditioner daily and use a deep conditioning hair mask every week.

When applying a conditioner, hair oil, or mask, remember to avoid putting the product on the hair extension bonds to prevent slippage or damage. We also suggest adding moisture to your room by placing a glass of water on your heater, radiator or fireplace to reduce the dryness.


Winter is a magical season, but it could also be a nightmare for your hair extensions! Of course, anyone would want to have beautiful locks during the whole year, but the weather conditions during the colder months make it difficult to have an overall polished appearance. However, as long as you follow our tips above, you’re sure to have soft, gorgeous hair despite the harsh winter!

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