Our Guide on Brushing Hair Extensions When They’re Dry – Part 1

Brushing your hair is as straightforward as brushing your teeth, especially for women who want to tame their messy tresses before seizing a new day. Some may use wide-tooth combs to take off the tangles without ruining natural waves, while others simple use their fingers for those who find bed heads attractive. 

Either way, brushing the hair every morning is a common practice for many ladies, so it’s only logical to expect the same treatment when caring for hair extensions. You don’t want to be clipping on a tangled mess, but keep in mind that hair extensions require a special brush to ensure the bristles don’t ruin the bonds. 

Brushing Your Hair Extensions When They’re Dry 

Just like your natural hair, your extensions will also need daily brushing every morning to ensure they maintain their shape and prevent occurences like matting, tangling, or clumping. You can give it the best treatment by using a loop hair extensions brush, which is the best tool to keep your extensions tangle-free, smooth, and voluminous!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to properly brush your dry hair extensions as part of your morning grind: 

Step #1: Grab the extensions and secure the base to one side, holding it up like a ponytail. Doing so allows you to brush the entire length of the hair extensions without pulling away at the bonds at the end, making it easier to get rid of stubborn knots without the risk of breaking the strands. 

Step #2: Grab your loop hair extensions, wide-tooth combs, and other brushes that are friendly to hair extensions and start by brushing from the bottom. Move to the top inch by inch to get rid of any clumps without shocking the strands with too much force, and the bottom to top action ensures you don’t break the extensions by tugging at the weft. 

Step #3: Brush the rest of the extensions using your fingers to check for any damages. You can also apply an oil-based treatment to boost its lustrous sheen and softness, though be sure to do the same for your natural hair so it can match once you clip the extensions on. 

Keep in mind that you need to practice caution when giving your hair extensions TLC since it can easily break if you don’t use the right tools and techniques. 

The Bottom Line: The Importance of Properly Caring for Your Hair Extensions 

Your hair extensions can collect sweat and dust after wearing it the whole day, which means it’s more susceptible to clumping and tangling. By brushing it everyday, you can ensure it looks good as new everytime!

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