Our Guide to Wearing Hair Extensions at the Gym

Ladies like you who want to take charge of your lifestyle and move forward with your fitness goals know how tricky working out with long hair can be. On top of getting your body summer-ready and stronger for your wellness, your locks may add to the challenge as it makes for a sweatier routine. Wearing hair extensions to the gym may seem even more disastrous, but it’s possible to tone your muscles and look glamorous at the same time with the right tactics! 

Heading to the gym with a high ponytail and thick, luscious locks thanks to your hair extensions can be an excellent way to boost your confidence while grinding for your dream body. However, wearing hair extensions while exercising won’t be an easy feat as it requires more tenderness, love, and care. Hair extensions aren’t for every kind of lifestyle, so it’s important to understand what daily activities can impact your extensions and how to keep them in picture-perfect condition. 

The Challenges with Wearing Hair Extensions at the Gym 

Gym goers like you who strive to keep up your routine will likely deal with more maintenance for your hair extensions since they’re always exposed to sweat. Working out also means you have to wash your mane at least three times a week, so it helps to adjust your gym schedule and match it with the days dedicated to cleaning your hair extensions to prevent damaging the strands due to overwashing. This begs the question: what care tips should you follow to preserve your hair extensions while breaking out a sweat?

Try to Minimise Your Hair Extension’s Exposure to Sweat As Much As Possible 

It can be tricky to keep your hair dry when you’re hustling at the gym, but the best way to maintain your hair extension’s lifespan is to minimise its exposure to sweat. The saltiness and acidity in your sweat can damage your hair extensions by drying them out, resulting in rough, course, and fizzy strands that are hard to manage. 

Since your neck and forehead are the sweatiest areas in your head, you can keep your hair extensions dry by wearing them up in a ponytail or a bun. Just keep in mind that tying your hair too tightly can be just as damaging since it can pull out the bonds of your hair extensions, so be sure to keep your ponytail secure but not taut. 

What is the Best Hairstyle When Exercising at the Gym?

Playing around with different hairstyles is up to your taste, but other than going for a look that you love, the most important thing to consider is to go for neat hairstyles when you’re at the gym. As mentioned above, sweat can be damaging since they contain electrolytes that can make your extensions dry, brittle, and easy to tangle, so one of the most practical styles that can also pack some panache to your looks is a high bun. 

Messy buns may look effortlessly chic, but when it comes to working out, the high bun should mimic the neatness of a ballerina bun. If you don’t want the overly clean look of a ballerina bun, you can also go for a plait instead of a ponytail to mitigate the risk of getting some of your loose hair stuck in gym machinery. But when you only wear clip-in extensions, it’s better to remove them every time you go to the gym and simply put them back after showering and drying your natural mane to keep them from wearing out faster. 

Cleaning Hair Extensions After a Sweaty Gym Session 

Scheduling your gym times whenever you plan on washing your hair can help preserve your extension’s lifespan, but it’s better to give them a healthy boost by wearing a hair mask after taking a shower. 

The nourishing properties of a hair mask can keep the hair extensions well-moisturised and healthy, allowing them to look luscious, shiny, and of tip-top quality. While it’s common to use a blow dryer to get back to your OOTD look after the gym, it’s also proper to let your hair extensions air dry first before blow-drying them as the heat can cause them to become frizzy. 

Keeping Up with Regular Hair Extension Maintenance 

Hair extensions make it easier to go about your day looking glammed up without spending the extra hours in the morning to style your natural locks. But while hair extensions are a quick way to achieve a Hollywood-esque appearance, it’s important to take the time to maintain them every four to six weeks, even if you have a hectic schedule. 

Caring for your hair extensions requires commitment, too. So if you want to maintain a fashionable look while going through your routine, such as going to the gym, it helps to take some extra precautions to keep your extensions in good quality even when you’re in the middle of an intense workout. Setting up hair extension maintenance appointments with your favourite salon is even better as it extends the life of your extensions no matter what activities you do. 

The Bottom Line: Break a Sweat Without Damaging Your Hair Extensions at the Gym

Staying on top of our workout routine at the gym is important, but you don’t have to sacrifice your style just to get in shape and achieve a healthier lifestyle.  No matter how intense your exercises are at the gym, the tips above should help you wear your hair extensions safely so you can work for your fitness goals, all while feeling confident in your appearance. After all, no one should let their hair extensions hold them back from completing their resolutions. 

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