Overcoming the False Lashes Fear – 3 Tips You Must Know

You may think you’ve got your makeup game together, but most makeup-savvy individuals feel fear where false eyelashes are mentioned. The mere thought of it can strike fear in the hearts of many, as the process can be downright daunting. Truth be told, the application of false lashes is an art form not many are fluent in. A bad process can cause you to poke your eyes and leave you in tears, leaving your canvas ruined. 

While it can be complex, the fear shrouding fake lashes is exactly what hinders many from perfecting the art. Once you learn it, however, you’ll be reaping the rewards of wider eyes and dramatic flairs, most of which cannot be achieved by your favourite mascara—there’s a reason those celebrities have made lashes as the ultimate everyday accessory. They just make your entire look! 

To help you overcome your fear of false lashes, here are some tips to help you. It’s not as terrifying as it seems! Read the top five benefits of false eyelashes.

1 – Finalise your canvas

The golden rule is that mascara is placed after your eyeliner and shadow, and the same thing applies to your false lashes. That said, make sure to apply your eye makeup, including your trusty mascara, before tackling false lashes. 

By doing so, you allow yourself enough time and room to manoeuvre, especially when you’re working with extra dramatic lashes. The chances of smudging your lashes with colour will be slim to none, thereby making it last longer.

2 – Know your glue 

Your choice of lashes are the star of the show, but the supporting cast is just as crucial to the story. With that thought, make sure to prioritize your lash glue. Not all tubes are created equal. Some begin as a white substance, to later dry as clear. Others dry as dark or other colours, but this is only ideal with creative looks. 

If you wish to get everyday makeup right, it’s best to stick to the clear ones. Mistakes can easily be remedied with these glues, and mistakes are aplenty for the beginners! For the best results, purchase lash glues that are waterproof. 

3 – Come on, Vogue

The fearsome moment has arrived—putting them on. To ensure that no poking happens and mistakes are kept at a minimum, strike a pose—look down past your nose, right into a mirror. This is the best position for applying false lashes, as it helps you gain a full view of your lash line. Doing so will also help prevent the glue from touching your eye makeup, which happens to most beginners. 

With a mirror in hand, sit down at a comfortable spot, particularly in natural light. Never close your eyes as you apply, as this changes your eye shape. The lashes will end up looking different, often in awkward angles that will end up smudging your eye look. If you don’t trust your hands, use a pair of tweezers—but remember to work with caution! 

The Real Secret 

These tips are designed to help you master the art of lashes application, but the real secret lies in your choice of lashes. Choosing the right one can make or break your look, so make sure your product perfectly complements your look. Once you’ve secured the right lash treasure, it’s time to begin the procedure. It will be difficult at the beginning, but practice makes perfect. And for the most patient, the results will be sparkling and well-defined wide eyes. 

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