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woman with false eyelashes 21/01/2021

Applying False Eyelashes: 7 Things You Need To Take Note Of

Fake eyelashes can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. They look incredible and give any wearer gorgeous, fluttering eyelashes for a glamorous or naturally enhanced look. However, applying them is undeniably tricky, especially for beginners! It’s something that takes a good amount of practice to apply since it requires patience, precision, and a good pair of tweezers.  If you’re dying to wear false eyelashes, but you’re just not sure how to do it, then here are a few things you must take note of first:  Try Different Pairs ... Read More

woman with flowers in her hairpiece 19/01/2021

Hair Extensions: The Different Types and How Long They Last

If you want to change your look right away without having to commit to a haircut and colour, hair extensions are your best bet. They come in different colours, lengths and types so that you can find the perfect tone that fits your style and personality.  Thankfully, there are natural hair extensions in the market today, such as Foxy Locks, that boast of excellent quality, making your hair extensions blend beautifully with your natural hair and give that added volume, boost and glamour that you need.  Because there are many... Read More

blonde lady in a garden 18/01/2021

How to Pick the a Highlight Hair Extension for Your Skin Tone

The hair is undoubtedly the woman’s crowning glory, as it makes her feel beautiful and boosts her overall confidence and improves the quality of her life.  However, what if you’ve got short hair and always dream of having long hair? The simple answer is to get a clip-in hair extension! Yet, you might get confused when sifting through the colour choices. In this case, it all boils down to your skin complexion. Fret not, as there are various hair extension products readily available in the market that will surely complement... Read More

eyes with false eyelash 16/01/2021

Clarifying Common Misconceptions About False Eyelashes

For anyone who has never actually used fake eyelashes, they could seem like far too much effort to even try. Alternatively, you have probably met someone wearing lashes so thick they resembled the Giant Atlas moth and found it bothersome. However, the secret lies in being able to find the right falsies, ones that will look perfectly natural and will have you mastering application in no time. Understandably, there are common misconceptions surrounding false eyelashes. Let’s clarify a number of them: Application Is Complicated People usually struggle with glueing their... Read More

brushing hair 14/01/2021

The Best Tips for Sleeping With Your Remy Hair Extensions

Need your hair to look fuller, thicker and fluffier? The usual solution would be a wig, but not everyone wants to go that route. In that case, your best bet is to wear a set of Remy hair extensions. These will add volume and length to your hair instantly. Wearing hair extensions is usually the best option for women who love adding volume to their existing hair. However, not everyone knows how they will be able to sleep wearing them. Here are some tips on how you can sleep with... Read More

woman with straight hair 12/01/2021

Can You Straighten Your Hair Extensions? What to Know

Have you ever thought about changing your hairstyle to give yourself a new look? You can now do this easily with hair extensions. Hair extensions are non-committal, yet they deliver excellent results. You also won’t need to alter your hair permanently to achieve the style you want; plus, this gives you an option to change up your hairstyle however you want it, whenever you want to.  Most hair extensions today, such as the ones we offer here at Foxy Locks, are made of real human hair. With that, you can... Read More

lady with highlighted hair extensions 11/01/2021

Hair Extensions 101: Ways to Use Clip-In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have come a long way and are now more accessible and affordable without compromising quality. High-quality hair extensions used to be available only to the elite, but now, pretty much everyone can clip-in extra length of hair and volume.  Using clip-in hair extensions is the easiest and most convenient way to get salon-like, glamourous hair without the need for damaging permanent hair extensions. These high-quality hair extensions only use natural hair to blend seamlessly with your hair, making it look more natural and flowy.  If you want to... Read More

woman with braided hair 09/01/2021

4 Hair Extensions Hacks for Everyday Styling – Our Guide

Your hair can transform your look in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, getting your desired hairstyle and exploring different hair colours by exposing your natural tresses to various chemicals can lead to follicle damage. Additionally, waiting for months just to have your preferred hair length can become frustrating.  The good news is that you no longer have to worry about hair damage when you use natural hair extensions. Wearing them can add volume and length to your natural hair and let you play around with various looks.  Using hair extensions... Read More

woman with precurled hair 07/01/2021

5 Easy Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Hair Extensions

Getting ready for work in the morning involves lots of time just to attain the look you want. That’s why you should find ways to trim down your routine styling time and enjoy looking and feeling your best without putting in too much effort. As an effective solution, you should consider wearing hair extensions. Natural hair extensions open the door to endless possibilities for various polished and easy-to-do looks. Whether you want to add some volume, length, or a pop of colour to your hair, you can do so without... Read More

Hair extensions on the a white table 05/01/2021

Should I Get Human Hair or Synthetic Hair Extensions?

There are so many hair extensions you can use to bring new life into your look, and choosing the right one for your outfit of the day can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the world of hair extensions. Beyond the different types of hair extensions, you also have to consider the look, feel, colouring, styling and maintenance needed for each extension. Since hair extensions can get pricey, it’s normal for people to want each purchase to last as long as possible. This article will cover what... Read More