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woman dressed in 20s fashion 01/07/2021

What You Need to Know to Nail a 20s Flapper Girl Look

The Roaring 20s were a glorious time! Aside from the elaborate parties and the live jazz music, the hairstyles were fabulous! One iconic fashion style is that of the Flapper girl. These women made bold statements with their hair and outfit choices. They were not afraid to put themselves out there! Although the 20s may seem like such a long time ago, there are still many ways the fashion of the Roaring 20s still influences today’s style.  Flapper girls had glorious hairstyles like the Finger Wave and Faux Bob. Whether... Read More

flawless woman 30/06/2021

Look Effortless for Every Occasion with Eyelash Extensions

False eyelashes bring many benefits to a woman in her everyday life. First, it cuts the hassle of wearing falsies every day and gives you an effortless look no matter where you go. So if you go to spontaneous outings and parties, your falsies have you covered.  You can arrive at any occasion feeling confident, polished, and ready to take on anything. Don’t believe it? Here, we’ll tell you how false eyelashes can immediately and effortlessly up your game. Elevates Your Everyday Look Women take up time picking what to... Read More

red haired woman on a bridge 29/06/2021

Want Thick and Voluminous? Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Everybody wants to have silky, naturally straight hair, but the truth is, they also have their downfalls. Even if you can quickly style your hair to whatever you want, and you don’t have to deal with bed head and frizz, getting your hair to have volume and curls can be quite tricky. Not to mention, your hair can fall flat because of its straightness. Though you can spend hours styling your hair so you can have the thickness and volume you wish, you should know that there are easy tricks... Read More

thick braid of hair 28/06/2021

4 Amazing Hairstyles to Try With Your Old Natural Hair Extensions

If you’re a fan of changing your look, you probably have a collection of natural hair extensions of different colours and lengths. At some point, however, you may run out of ideas on the other ways you can use your older ones. They’ve served you well by providing you with lush, voluminous hair for months, and you can always try new hairstyles to breathe new life into them. Luckily, there are tons of stylish ways to make the most out of your natural hair extensions, whether new or old. Here... Read More

brunette in a brown outfit 28/06/2021

Picking Out an Outfit According to Your Hair Colour—A Guide

Sometimes, people get tired of their natural hair colour and dream of changing things up by dropping by the salon to get their hair dyed. For those who aren’t ready for that kind of commitment, especially if you don’t know what different shade will look good on you, you can opt for good hair extensions as a temporary solution. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to rock a new hair colour if you’ve never tried dyeing your hair before, nor sporting a fashionable wig. Besides, depending on the colour you pick,... Read More

taped hair extensions 25/06/2021

3 Common Mistakes with Clip-in Hair Extensions

Styling your hair every day can be a chore, but clip-in hair extensions make the task relatively easier to do. The product is also highly convenient and manageable, providing you with the right amount of volume whenever you need it. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to properly use them, much less make them look discreet and natural.  If you want to style your hair every day in a natural way, you need to understand exactly how contraption works. Creating hairstyles that look fresh, natural, and completely hassle-free is the goal,... Read More

hair damage 23/06/2021

Hair Extensions: Do They Really Damage Your Hair?

Hair extensions are some of the best innovations in the hair industry to date. However, one thing that puts many people off is the myth that these extensions can damage a person’s hair. If you are hesitant to get hair extensions because of this specific reason, read on! This blog post will shed some light on how hair extensions can be helpful tools you can use to lengthen your hair. Also, it will answer the initial question at the beginning of the article.  Hair Extensions: Do They Really Damage Your... Read More

girl with hair extensions 21/06/2021

Going on a Vacation? Take Care of Your Hair Extensions with These 5 Tips

Vacation is when you enjoy time with friends and family, explore cities, and generally have a relaxing time. But often, it also causes bad hair days due to changes in weather and humidity. Imagine all the photographs you take, and a bad hair day makes them terrible! You would be disgruntled about taking any more photos, hence ruining your vacation. To protect your human hair extensions, you must ensure that they stay shiny and healthy. We’ve gathered a list of things you can do to prolong the life of your... Read More

girl with hair 19/06/2021

Color Matching Techniques for Seamless Hair Extensions

One way to level up your crowning glory is to have hair extensions. The beauty of hair extensions is that they can particularly suit your preferred style, and you can go on with different looks temporarily. But the challenge to having one is going with a poor colour match that looks unnatural and detectable.  You are probably one of the few people looking for a way to colour match hair extensions. This article will discuss a few tips and guides on how to colour match for you to achieve that... Read More

scrunchies 18/06/2021

Top Instagrammable Summer Hair Accessories to Try in 2021

Almost everybody feels excited when the summer season rolls in. It is a glorious time to head to the beach, take a hike or hop in your car and enjoy a spontaneous trip. However, for your hair, it can be the most challenging time of the year. You may experience hair horror stories like dryness, frizz, and grease. So, to make your summer trips memorable and Instagrammable, you may want to take hair accessories as your best ally. Hair accessories like luxurious scrunchies, headscarves, or ponytail extensions can do and... Read More