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hair 16/06/2021

3 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know Can Damage Your Hair

Your hair is your crowning glory, and it serves as the base for hair extensions. You need to pay extra attention to make sure it is not damaged in the process. If you think getting frizzy, brittle, and lifeless hair is a normal thing, you are mistaken. They are often the result of poor hair care. If you want to make your hair as natural and glamorous as possible, it begins with your natural hair. The good news is that caring for your hair would be much simpler if you... Read More

pony tail 14/06/2021

The Steps To Securing a Thick Ponytail With Extensions

If you want to change your look, try changing your hairstyle. A minor tweak from your go-to style could transform your look by leaps and bounds. If you want a sophisticated look, an updo might be the right choice for you. If you like to be more playful, loose hair is a great option. If you want to add a little excitement to your life, changing your hair colour or straightening or curling your hair could bring just that. But there is one hairstyle you could wear no matter how... Read More

pony tail 11/06/2021

Hair Styling Tips: 3 Types of Clip-in Ponytail Hairstyles

The ponytail is a classic hairstyle that women and men all over the world have used for centuries. It’s an incredibly versatile look for casual and formal settings, and it can be as cute or elegant as you want it to be! Of course, not all ponytails are created the same. Some people aren’t blessed with a head of thick, glossy hair, and that’s okay. That’s a problem that’s very easy to solve. If you want a full and luscious ponytail to kick up your glam look, clip-in ponytail hair... Read More

woman with long hair 10/06/2021

Trimming Hair Extensions: 2 Reasons It’s Worth the Snip!

Different hairstyles frame the face in unique ways, creating a stylish appearance for every mood, outfit, and occasion. But people can’t freely experiment with their natural hair without sustaining long-lasting damage that can result in frizzy locks, split ends, and more.  That’s why hair extensions offer a simple yet compelling solution to all your hair needs, especially since these accessories can let anyone glamorize and achieve all their hair goals. Seeing as hair extensions remove the need to put your natural mane in harm’s way, it makes sense to use... Read More

hair extensions 09/06/2021

How to Choose the Right Hair Extension Thickness for You

If you’re looking for the best way to enhance your hair and add volume to it, getting natural hair extensions is your best option. The great thing about it is that now, all it takes is a few clicks on your favourite website, and you’re good to go. But with tons of available products online, how would you know which one would look best on you? In this article, we’ll go through the different hair extensions we offer at Foxy Locks. You’ll get to discover the thickness variations and their... Read More

short hair 07/06/2021

How Hair Extensions Can Change and Revitalise Short Hair

Short hair is an excellent way of standing out and letting your face be much more distinguishable. However, the problem with chopping a good length of hair off is that it takes a while to grow it back. This can lead to a few problems and regrets as you try to figure out ways to bring back your old hair or try something new to help you gain confidence in your hair. Luckily, hair extensions are a great option that helps you achieve both. With so many styles and material... Read More

woman smiling 05/06/2021

What You Need to Know About Having Your Own Hair Extensions

There are plenty of ways to style your hair. Whether you like it short or long or you want to keep your natural hair colour or go bold and dye your hair a completely different one, the possibilities are endless. But if you’re unsure how you want your hairstyle to be because you’ve never tried cutting your hair or growing it out, but you want to see how it looks on you, you could opt for hair extensions. It’s a temporary solution that lets you know if you look good... Read More

balayage 04/06/2021

Balayage 101: A Newbie’s Guide to Understanding Balayage Hair

Our hair condition can affect our overall look for the day. If you are having a bad hair day, your day is likely already ruined. Over the past years, salon treatments allow hair to have long-lasting straightness, curl, or even colour. This is why people are willing to spend so much on expensive hairstyles because the hair in good condition can save them a lot of hassle, especially when they’re in a hurry.  One of the newest head turner styles today is balayage. A balayage is the most requested hairstyle... Read More

tangled hair 02/06/2021

Why Hair Extensions Get Tangled and How To Prevent It

Human hair gets tangled every time, and sometimes it could be an annoying situation to have! If you add hair extensions to your natural hair, would it make the tangling worse?  This question is one of the most frequently asked questions about hair extensions. That is why we developed an article that is solely dedicated to answering that question! Here is what you should know about hair extensions and tangles.   Do Hair Extensions Tangle? The simple answer is yes; they do!  Hair extensions, regardless of their material, are all made... Read More

woman with hair extensions 31/05/2021

Natural Hair Extensions for Fine Hair: 3 Types to Consider

Your hair is the first thing people notice when they meet or see you walking down the street. A head of healthy locks is ideal for many women, but not all hair is created the same. If you have thin, fine hair, every passerby with thick, luscious locks could be a source of envy. Fortunately, developments in hair technology have made it easier for all women to increase their hair volume. Natural hair extensions are a fantastic, gorgeous, and affordable solution for your thin hair woes! How Do Natural Hair... Read More