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model with false lashes 04/01/2021

3 Best False Eyelashes for Beginners: Our Quick Guide

Enhancing your eyelashes’ appearance can dramatically change your overall look. For instance, you can beautify your eyes during the day or add drama to your nighttime makeup by simply altering your lashes’ length and volume. To have longer, fuller, and more voluminous lashes quickly and easily, many use fake eyelashes. However, navigating the world of lashes can be overwhelming.  Currently, there are plenty of products that you can use to groom your lashes, namely strips, clusters, glues, and applicators. It can get confusing to determine which is which and what... Read More

Model with false eyelashes 02/01/2021

What You Need to Know About False Eyelashes – Our Guide

Long and voluminous eyelashes can give your eyes instant pop, glam, and drama. You can achieve your desired lengthy lashes using mascara, but using it regularly can make your natural lashes brittle over time.  If you’re looking for a healthier and safer way to get your preferred look without having to use mascara every day, consider wearing fake eyelashes. To learn more about what you should know about them and how you can get the look you want by wearing them, continue reading this guide. What Are Magnetic Lashes? Magnetic... Read More

woman hair extension 31/12/2020

What You Need to Know About the Lifespan of Hair Extensions

A question that is often asked about people who get 20-inch hair extensions (and any length, in general) is just how long the extensions will last in the first place. At the bare minimum, human hair extensions have a lifespan that is entirely dependent on you. How will you care for them throughout your usage? What kind of products will you be using on them? If you have clip-in extensions, there’s also the added question of just how often you end up wearing them. Duration Will Vary Did you get... Read More

hair extension bundles 29/12/2020

What Are Clip-Ins, Tape-Ins, and Sew-Ins?

Learning how to use hair extensions is an exciting process. However, there are so many types to choose from and numerous factors that need to be considered. As such, it can quickly become overwhelming for someone who is just starting out! This can be a paralysing feeling because while you may want to go for it, you also want to make sure that you get good hair extensions for yourself.  This article will cover the three ways extensions are made. It will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of investing in... Read More

brunette_short_clip_hair_extension_ 28/12/2020

How to Find Your Perfect Hair Extensions Colour – 4 Tips

The secret to using hair extensions perfectly is to wear them seamlessly and make them look like part of your natural hair. That means wearing the extensions the right way and choosing the right colour and texture to match your normal hair. You should also look for natural hair extensions over synthetic ones to ensure high quality. Many tutorials online will teach you how to wear hair extensions correctly and make them appear seamless. That said, successfully colour-matching them with your hair can be particularly challenging. This article will give... Read More

Woman with a beauty spray 26/12/2020

How Spray Beauty Products Affect Your Fake Eyelashes

Getting eyelash extensions is an effortless way to add definition to your eyes and impact your look in all the right ways. They draw attention to your gorgeous eyes, add volume to your lash line and make you feel like a million bucks. However, you shouldn’t take your falsies for granted. They can be quite delicate, and so they require some TLC for them to last long and last well.  Some of the most commonly known ways to preserve and maintain fake lashes are keeping the lashes clean and dry,... Read More

Woman with long false Eyelashes 24/12/2020

A Step-By-Step Guide to Caring for Your Eyelash Extensions

It is very important to take the time out of your day to give your lash extensions a thorough cleansing to promote lash health. It will also allow your daily routine in the morning to work fully in your favour. Debris, makeup and natural skin oil can threaten the adhesive of your lash extensions’ durability as it builds up along the lash line.  It is not uncommon to be unaware of exactly how to clean your lashes, let alone have the thought that taking care of your eyelash extensions is... Read More

woman hair extension 22/12/2020

What You Need to Know About the Discoloration Of Hair Extensions

If you have hair extensions or planning to get one, it’s important that you are aware that your extensions can get discoloured as well. You need to protect and care for your hair extensions like you would your natural hair, especially the blonde ones. So, if you find the extensions turning peachy or brassy, that only means it triggered a chemical process that altered hair pigmentation. The pigments in hair colour are important because they help you achieve your desired shade. However, these pigments counteract the ones that are already... Read More

woman with false eyelashes holding a flower 21/12/2020

Extending Your Eyelash Extensions’ Lifespan – What to Know

Many women have to go out of their way to get the most out of their beauty routine. For those whose routines include eyelash extensions, then you know how amazing that confidence boost feels after every new visit to the stylist! That’s why it’s in your best interests to keep the extensions on for as long as possible. To help you achieve your beauty goals, we’ve compiled a list of the top tips that you can incorporate into your schedule so that you can keep your extensions for as long... Read More

styling hair 19/12/2020

5 Tips to Make Hair Extensions Blend With Your Natural Hair – Our Guide

Thanks to hair extensions, women all over the world can now have more beautiful hair without waiting for it to grow long again or going through expensive hair treatments. Remember that hair extensions can look natural as long as you know how to do it right. Aside from having the right colour match, the cut and finish also play a significant role in making it look as natural as possible.  If you want to blend your hair extensions well with your natural hair, here are five valuable tips for you... Read More