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taped hair extensions 27/11/2020

4 Reasons Clip-in Hair Extensions Are Good for Damaged Hair

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing your hair get damaged because of a bad experience with a hairstylist or a hair product you have used wrong. Your hair is your crowning glory, and seeing it in bad condition can bring down your whole look. If you are currently experiencing this, you do not have to worry. There are ways you can improve your look as you wait for your hair to grow back and regain its health.  Wearing wigs or extensions can immediately turn your situation around. If you... Read More

woman with hair highlights 23/11/2020

How to Use Hair Extensions as Highlights – Our Guide

Are you looking for a way to style your hair safely without having to dye it completely? Then highlights are for you! Highlights are a great way to spice up your hair and give you a whole new appeal. However, this usually requires bleach, which can be damaging to the hair! For this reason, if you don’t want to go through the whole bleach process (which is understandable) but want to have desirable results, you can still get the highlights by using fake ones! Yes, there are faux highlights in... Read More

silver hair extensions 23/11/2020

Why You Should Own Clip In Hair Extensions Right Now

If you’re looking for an alternative solution to your frequent salon visits and hair treatments, you can try using clip in hair extensions as another way to achieve the look and hairstyle you want. They serve as a temporary solution that doesn’t damage your hair and allows you to give your hair room to breathe by simply removing them whenever you want! For those who have never tried putting on wigs, weaves, and hair extensions, we’re here to give you the peace of mind and guide you through the reasons... Read More

lady playing with her hair 21/11/2020

Colour Me Curious: 3 Tips When Choosing a Hair Extension Color that Matches Your Natural Locks

One of the biggest features that can elevate your appearance is the hair, which is why women strive to play around with different hairstyles to change up their looks for every occasion. People dream of achieving long and voluminous locks, but not all have the luxury of achieving a Hollywood-esque style on-the-go.  Those who want to add more life and length to their hair can easily feel glamorous with clip-in hair extensions, allowing you to make drastic improvements to your looks without the risk of damaging your natural tresses.  Of... Read More

woman with a ponytail 19/11/2020

Damaged Hair Extensions: Their Causes and Easy Fix Solutions

Gone are the days when you had to wait for several months or even years just for your hair to grow out to a full length. If you weren’t blessed with luscious locks, it may have simply been a pipe dream! Thanks to the advancement in the hair industry, you can flaunt your longer, thicker, and more voluminous hair and achieve your desired hairstyle instantly with the help of natural hair extensions!  Hair extensions look and feel just like your real hair. Whether you prefer using clip-in ponytail extensions or... Read More

woman grooming her hair 17/11/2020

4 Ways to Care for Your Hair Extensions During Lockdown

This global pandemic has everyone practising social distancing. It is the “new normal” now to wave instead of hug, stay home instead of going out, and avoid getting too near other people whenever possible. However, what if the time comes when you need help to maintain your hair extensions? Since booking an appointment with your hairdresser may now be next to impossible, you may need to resort to DIY measures to maintain the beauty of your hair and hair extensions. 4 Ways to Care For Your Hair Extensions During Lockdown... Read More

woman getting her hair styled 16/11/2020

7 Tips To Keep Wearing Your Hair Extensions With Style

Hair extensions allow you to explore more hairstyles than you usually sport, and they make experimenting with various looks fun and easy. Whether you want to add volume or length to your mane, hair extensions can achieve it in the most natural way possible. However, you need to make sure you use the best quality hair extensions and that they are seamless by ensuring they are in the best condition.  Here are some tips and tricks on how to maintain a gorgeous hairstyle using your extensions. #1. Wash Your Extensions... Read More

rsz_woman_rowing_a_canoe_in_winter 13/11/2020

5 Tips for Keeping Your Hair Picture-Perfect in the Winter

For many people, the frigid winter air means at least a month of frizz and dry scalps. Since it is impractical to wear a hat or natural hair extensions for several weeks, you need to take care of your locks. Here are things to remember when preparing for the colder months. It’s dry everywhere in winter Whether you stay indoors or outdoors, your hair will be in danger of becoming dry and brittle. In the cold weather, your scalp loses moisture just like your skin. As such, it’s vital to... Read More

four steps to amazing hair 11/11/2020

The 4 Steps to Beautiful and Natural Hair Extensions

One of the best ways to completely change the way you look is to update your hairstyle. More often than not, however, this is easier said than done. Cutting your hair is easy and takes less time than growing it, but if it goes wrong, you’ll have to live with short hair for quite some time. Fortunately, there’s a solution: clip-in hair extensions! If you’re the type to get bored of your hairstyle quickly or simply don’t like the way you look with short hair, these are a perfectly viable... Read More