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hair extension styling 24/02/2021

5 Tips to Colour-Match Your Extensions and Your Natural Hair

Hair extensions can make your locks look thicker and fuller, transforming you into a red-carpet celebrity after application. However, some mistakes arise, and people tend to notice when something doesn’t look right. Some strands look too dark, and it just destroys the illusion of the style you were going for. To avoid having oddly hued tufts that stand out too much from your natural hair, matching colours is a must. It takes a sharp eye to find the perfect shade that will bring out a seamless finish in your hair.... Read More

zoom call 22/02/2021

6 Hair Extension Styling Ideas for Your Zoom Meetings

As the world adjusts to the global pandemic, remote learning and working from home have become the new normal. This means that women need not spend hours preparing for the office, making sure their outfits match, and their hair is impeccable, except, of course, when they have Zoom meetings.  Even if they’re virtual meetings, you can’t neglect how you look, especially when so many screenshots make their way to those company email blasts. As such, you do want to look your best for those, and your hair is where you... Read More

hair extension bundles 21/02/2021

5 Things You Should Do When Getting Hair Extensions

When you see Instagram photos of girls with voluminous, perfect hair, it almost looks too good to be real. Hair extensions are a wonderful tool in getting that supermodel vibe, but you don’t really know what to expect if you’re new to using them. Here’s a friendly beginner’s guide to getting hair extensions. Check the Pricing On the market, you might see the same style of hair extension on different price points. Pull back the urge to add the cheapest one to your cart as the quality of that type... Read More

woman with natural blond hair extensions 19/02/2021

How to Achieve a Natural Hair Look With Clip-in Extensions

People can use clip-in hair extensions in any part of their head to achieve long, thick locks. That is the unmatched beauty of clip-in hair extensions. Compared to other permanent hair extensions, using clip-ins does not damage the hair in any way. Unfortunately, some users also see this convenience as a disadvantage. Because clip-ins are easily attached to the hair, it can sometimes give an unnatural look.  Do not be discouraged! It will only appear unnatural if you do not know have the right extensions and improperly attach it. We... Read More

clip in ponytail on a lady 17/02/2021

The Benefits of Clip-On Ponytail Hair Extensions

Playing around with your hair is one of the best ways to change up your look. With hundreds of styles to try, there’s no shortage of looks you can try, no matter what the occasion or event. One of the most iconic hairstyles in history is the ponytail, which is believed to have started in ancient Greece. Frescoes depict people with high ponytails, revealing that this was an age-old style that still hasn’t gone out of fashion. Today, ponytails are often called pop culture’s feminist weapon. Pulling the hair back... Read More

false eyelashes on a surface 15/02/2021

How to Put On False Eyelashes (and Make Sure They Stay On)

False eyelashes give eyes a depth and drama that regular lashes cannot achieve. No matter how much mascara you put on or how much you crimp your lash hair, falsies still provide more length and volume, which is a great confidence booster. Some people get deterred, though, by the steps needed in putting on false lashes. If you’re the type who finds the entire process confusing, here are four easy steps to false eyelash application. Step One: Prep Your False Lashes Correct application of false lashes starts with preparation. Before... Read More

woman hair drying her hair 14/02/2021

3 Essential Care Tips for Your Hair Extensions

Regardless of how long you’ve known about and used hair extensions, it still pays to learn more about how to take care of them. Whether real or synthetic, any type of extension is still prone to tangles, disarray, and fraying if you neglect them for long periods of time. Different types require varying degrees of care—but all in all, there are some basic care tips you should follow to keep your hair extensions in tip-top shape. To give you an idea, here are three of the most essential hair extension... Read More

woman with frizzy hair 12/02/2021

What You Should Know About Hair Extensions During Summertime

Among winter, spring, fall and summer, it’s the latter that’s best for your hair. Whether you’re at the beach, engaging in outdoor activities or full-on partying, the styling choices you can make during this season are endless.  Beach waves with that fresh, tousled look are popular at this time of the year, so are braided hair looks, clips as well as high ponytails. Unfortunately, there is a lot of damage that can be done to natural hair by summer as well. Natural hair extensions are unable to get oils coming... Read More

woman making a ponytail 10/02/2021

5 Cute Pony Tail Styles You Can Do With Your Hair Extensions

Have you ever wondered how some of your favourite celebrities and influencers are able to sport those long and gorgeous ponytails one day and then rock short hair the next? Well, it’s not a magic trick but just super easy to use clip-in natural hair extensions! Yes, you read that right – natural. The obviously fake-looking synthetic wigs and extensions of yesteryears are now replaced with premium Remy hair extensions that blend with the wearer’s own hair flawlessly. If you think clip-in hair extensions are just useful for when you... Read More

woman with straight hair 09/02/2021

3 Tips to Make a Hair Extension Look Natural on a Short Hair

Hair extensions are for people who want to get longer and thicker hair without waiting months or years for growth. They can simply clip in the hair extensions to give themselves a whole new look in a matter of minutes. It does not damage their hair, and most of the time, they do not need professional help to achieve it. However, those with shorter natural hair might be concerned. The Problem of Wearing Extensions for Short-Haired People One of the most common problems encountered by users with shorter hair is... Read More