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clip-in ponytail in woman's hair 10/03/2021

What to Know About Clip-On Ponytail Hair Extensions

Clip-on ponytail hair extensions are such a huge trend these days—think Ariana Grande’s famous high ponytail. The good news is, you don’t need to wait for your hair to grow longer, or undergo expensive hair treatments to achieve something like that. With a clip-on ponytail hair extension, you can have the hair you want easily.  Clip-Ons Clip-ons are perfect for people who are new to hair extensions. This is because they’re easy to use, and you can place them by yourself with no fuss. Also, when you get used to... Read More

Lady with long false lashes 08/03/2021

How to Take Care of Your Precious Eyelash Extensions

The eyes are essential to every bold and dramatic makeup look. Cute eyelash extensions can bring out the flirty yet elegant charm of your eyes. The longer and thicker they are, the more you are likely to turn heads. But these are not just accessories that you can toss aside once you’re done. If you don’t take care of your eyelash extensions, they can become crusty. And not only is that a not-so-cute look on you, but it could also lead to some severe problems. Eyelash extensions are applied very... Read More

lady working out in the gym 07/03/2021

Can I Wear Hair Extensions at the Gym? What to Know

A woman holds so much power and authority over their image simply by how they wield their hair. The freedom to express oneself through their hair gives such a boost to any woman’s self-esteem—giving them the confidence and courage to live their life the way they want.  These days, there are multiple ways you can change up your hair, depending on your mood. You can dye your hair to express creativity, tie it up in a bun when busy, curl it up when you’re feeling a little fancy, or chop... Read More

swimming in the sea 05/03/2021

Salt Water and Your Hair Extensions: What to Know Before Taking a Dip

Women love a lot of things—and among them, gorgeous natural hair extensions and beautiful beaches. But do these two things go together? If you like wearing hair extensions and you’re planning to swim in the ocean, you are probably wondering if it’s safe to wear your clip-ins while you’re swimming. The short answer is ‘no’. Swimming in saltwater may benefit the skin and health in general, but that can’t be said for the hair (extensions or not). In this post, Foxy Locks will answer some of the questions that you... Read More

woman washing her hair 03/03/2021

Hard Water Hair Care for Your Natural Hair and Extensions

Water can do so much wonder to the human body that it could make you think it is the best element that ever existed. It cleanses the body of toxins and boosts one’s energy. More than just satiating thirst, staying hydrated reduces stress and builds muscle tone too.  However, did you know that water can be harmful to your hair? Regardless of whether you have natural hair or wear hair extensions, the wrong type of water can damage your hair if left unchecked! The Hair-Damaging Culprit: Hard Water Hard water... Read More

woman with hair extensions swimming 01/03/2021

What to Know When Swimming With Your Hair Extensions On

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes a slew of swimming parties to beat the heat. Unfortunately, we all know that the sun, saltwater, and chlorine don’t mix well for your locks, but it can be just as damaging to your hair extensions too! While you plan on chasing waves by the beach, remember that all the water exposure can leave your mane in a tangled mess.  Saltwater and chlorine can have damaging effects on your hair and extensions, but the problem really lies in their impact... Read More

woman with blonde hair 28/02/2021

Fun Spring-Inspired Hairstyles to Try This Year

The cold months are coming to an end and soon enough spring will be upon us. Everybody is eager for the winter to be over and to get styling for the spring season. Aside from having to gradually change your wardrobe to welcome the warmer weather, you also need to think about your chic spring hairstyle.  Fun Spring-Inspired Hairstyles to Try This Year Get yourself in the spring mood by trying out one of these hairstyles! 1 – Blonde Streak Adding a streak of blonde on your hair will be... Read More

woman sleeping with clip in hair extensions 26/02/2021

The Do’s and Don’ts of Sleeping with Your Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are an excellent way to glam up your look without pulling and prodding your natural mane, but it can be a hassle to take out after spending a night out in town. When sleep is the only thing on your mind when you come home, will your clip-in hair extensions hold up in bed when you toss and turn?  Hitting the hay with your clip-in extensions still attached is never a good practice, but there are proper ways to do it to prevent hurting your natural locks... Read More

hair extension styling 24/02/2021

5 Tips to Colour-Match Your Extensions and Your Natural Hair

Hair extensions can make your locks look thicker and fuller, transforming you into a red-carpet celebrity after application. However, some mistakes arise, and people tend to notice when something doesn’t look right. Some strands look too dark, and it just destroys the illusion of the style you were going for. To avoid having oddly hued tufts that stand out too much from your natural hair, matching colours is a must. It takes a sharp eye to find the perfect shade that will bring out a seamless finish in your hair.... Read More

zoom call 22/02/2021

6 Hair Extension Styling Ideas for Your Zoom Meetings

As the world adjusts to the global pandemic, remote learning and working from home have become the new normal. This means that women need not spend hours preparing for the office, making sure their outfits match, and their hair is impeccable, except, of course, when they have Zoom meetings.  Even if they’re virtual meetings, you can’t neglect how you look, especially when so many screenshots make their way to those company email blasts. As such, you do want to look your best for those, and your hair is where you... Read More