Picking Out an Outfit According to Your Hair Colour—A Guide

Sometimes, people get tired of their natural hair colour and dream of changing things up by dropping by the salon to get their hair dyed. For those who aren’t ready for that kind of commitment, especially if you don’t know what different shade will look good on you, you can opt for good hair extensions as a temporary solution.

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to rock a new hair colour if you’ve never tried dyeing your hair before, nor sporting a fashionable wig. Besides, depending on the colour you pick, you still have your outfit to think about to ensure your whole look complements each other perfectly.

When you look good, you’re bound to feel good about yourself too. Anyone who decides to sport black, blonde, brunette, or red hair must find a wardrobe to go well with your hairstyle. Keep reading below to find out tips on what to wear based on your chosen hair colour.

If You Have Black Hair

Whether it’s your natural hair colour or you have clip in hair extensions for black hair, the intensity of your hair colour tends to stand out no matter what you wear. As a result, it’s best to stick to bold and bright tones to go well with your desired look.

Your attire should involve shades of black, white, blue, green, coral, or purple. Moreover, you could settle for light pastel hues to appear contrasting to your black hair colour. But if you wish to avoid looking too washed out because of your outfit, it’s better to steer clear ofneutral-coloured clothes.

If You Have Blonde Hair

People interested in putting on blonde clip in hair extensions should remember to settle for earth tones when deciding on their outfits’ colours, including navy blue and camel. For those going for a summer vibe, make sure to add light blue, baby pink, and peach to your wardrobe to truly bring out the bright streaks of your hair.

As much as possible, avoid wearing black and other dark colours that could wash you out. Moreover, large prints should be a no-no because they can grab everyone’s attention when all you want is people to notice your gorgeous hair colour!

If You Have Brunette Hair

Brunette hair extensions come off as intense and eye-catching, so you want to take some careful consideration when completing your outfit for the day to remind people to focus on what matters. Luckily, you have plenty of options, including choosing bright and colourful hues to match your hair colour well and allow you to stand out from the crowd.

But if you wish to lay low and avoid making a scene, you could choose neutral shades of black, white, and grey that still go well with your brunette locks. As much as possible, avoid wearing beige tones, as well as certain pastels that embody the same look.

If You Have Red Hair

For natural redheads or those sporting red hair extensions, you can already expect to turn heads because of how daring your hair colour is. The best thing to do is remain confident and flaunt what you’ve got, but do be sure to think your styling options through.

Instead of going for a black outfit, go for navy blue. Moreover, earth tones and softer colours will go well with your fiery hair colour, such as brown, coral, forest green, and even orange. To avoid looking pale and dull because of your clothes, don’t go for pastels, especially light yellow. 


Whether you have black, blonde, brunette, or red natural hair extensions, you must never forget to look the part and pick outfits that will go well with your hair colour. Putting on the right clothes has the power to boost your confidence while making sure they match your chosen hairstyle effortlessly.

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