Things to Know Before Purchasing Remy Hair Extensions

Through the years, the haircare industry continues to prove that they have what it takes to meet the demands of men and women to achieve great hair and look their best. Hair colours and hairstyles come and go, and people continue to look forward to great service from salons.

Besides leaning towards permanent solutions to change how your hair looks, you can also depend on temporary ones, such as Remy clip in hair extensions. It’s the perfect answer for those unsure of the look they want and are often searching for ways to improve their appearance.

Whether you have short or long hair, have a straight, curly, or wavy texture, a man or a woman, you can guarantee to receive benefits from hair extensions. Keep reading below to learn more about it before you decide you purchase your first clip in extensions.

Defining Remy Hair

Remy hair stands for the upper and lower parts of the hair that remain in their natural condition. They are unprocessed, allowing the cuticles of the strands of hair to fall in one direction. As a result, you can expect them to be seamless extensions to meet your needs.

Remy hair extensions comprise virgin hair that is silky smooth or curly, depending on what you require. If you prefer straight hair, you can look forward to putting on hair that won’t tangle quickly because of where they’re from and their high-quality appearance.

Facts to Remember About Hair Extensions

There are many misconceptions surrounding hair extensions, which often prevent people from considering using them. What they don’t know is hair extensions are safer and more sustainable than regular visits to a hair salon. Fortunately, you don’t have to believe the myths anymore. Some vital information about Remy hair extensions include:

They Require Time to Get Used To Have Them On

Many people, primarily those who have never tried using clip in hair extensions, are quick to assume that they’re complicated to put on and can leave them feeling uncomfortable and itchy. Some even think that if you need thicker extensions than average, they could affect your neck or cause a headache.

All of that isn’t true, and it all comes down to taking your time until you get used to having extensions on your hair. It will rely on the installation process, and if you do it right, you can guarantee it will feel comfortable and natural and make it seem like you don’t have anything on but your real hair.

They Combine Well with Your Natural Hair

People who are wary about purchasing extensions believe that they seem unnatural. However, it will rely on the colour of your hair and the extensions that you pick out. If you want to make sure your hair extensions blend with your natural hair, you should get high-quality ones.

When you invest in extensions comprising real hair, you can rest assured they will look and feel more natural compared to extensions made from synthetic material. The best way to go about it is to look at various styles, colours, and types of hair extensions.

They Will Not Damage Your Real Hair

Wearing clip in extensions will not impact your natural hair because it’s different from visiting a salon. With receiving modern haircare, you see your hairstylist every few months and undergo various procedures and treatments that can cause your natural hair damage.

With hair extensions, you can keep your real hair safe, so long as the installation process is correct and you continue to maintain your hair despite having extensions. Don’t risk your hair quality by bleaching and dyeing your hair because it could lead to consequences. Instead, you should stick to conditioning products to strengthen your roots, scalp, and hair.

They Do Not Require High Maintenance

Your natural hair extensions will require care the same way your real hair does. But what’s great about it is your extensions will need less maintenance, so it’s perfect if you don’t have the time of day to look after your clip in hair all the time.

Failing to manage your extensions and store them correctly could cause knots and tangles to form, increasing the chances of affecting their quality after long. You need to brush your dry hair extensions daily the same way you do with your natural hair.

Origin of Remy Hair in India

India is a place famous for exporting good hair extensions. If you want to understand where Remy hair came from, it’s important to learn about head tonsuring. It is an old-time tradition that is also treated as a religious practice to prove one’s devotion to God.

People who claim they will give everything to their God are prepared to sacrifice their hair, cut them off, and offer it to God as a way of showing respect. As a result, the people who gave up their hair can look forward to having their prayers and wishes granted before long.

Other than that, men and women go through a pilgrimage to continue showing their devotion to God. They visit a temple, the place where they begin to shave off their hair. Whether you’re a man, woman, or child, you can be part of the tradition and religious practice.

The Process of Remy Hair Extensions

After a person gives away their hair, it is collected and brought to a factory or manufacturing company, where other kinds of hair are gathered. They are categorised based on their size and kept for further assessment.

The hair undergoes a procedure of hackling, where it is untangled and divided into individual strands. Once it’s done, the hair is cleansed and conditioned until all the dirt and other particles trapped in it are gone. Remy hair will be dried off and ready to sell to the market.

You can tell if the hair extensions you purchased aren’t made from authentic Remy hair if their strands tangle easily. Whether you choose straight, curly, or wavy hair, its strands shouldn’t get caught up. Besides, you can acquire hair extensions in various lengths, colours, and levels of thickness.


Owning Remy hair extensions is a great solution to your hair problems. If you cannot commit to a new hairstyle or it’s taking forever for your short hair to grow out, you can get clip in extensions to solve your trouble. They require time to get used to having them on, can combine well with your natural hair, will not damage your real hair, and do not require high maintenance. The best kind of Remy hair extensions comes from India because you can guarantee they’re high-quality and will last for a long time.

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