How to Revamp Your Appearance With Hair Extensions

For those who want to change their look without committing to a haircut or waiting for their hair to grow, we highly recommend exploring the world of hair extensions. Whether you’re looking into buying pre-bonded hair extensions or thinking about clip-in hair extensions—or if you’re new to the hair extensions game—Foxy Locks has the product for you!

Transform your hair with our extensive range of products. You’re bound to find the right one to match your preferences! Check out the different ways you can introduce a new you with hair extensions: 

Try out different hair lengths

Have you always wanted to grow longer hair, but never had the patience for it? Are you curious to see how you look with a different cut without having to use an Instagram filter? Do you want to try out a different hair length for a day, without losing the one you have now? 

Hair extensions can become your new best friend. If you’ve had short hair all your life or for some time now, try out our Remy Hair Extensions for some extra length in a heartbeat. You don’t need to wait for next season or next year. Our extensions are designed to blend immaculately with natural hair. People won’t notice the difference! 

Go crazy for colour

It seems like everyone is experimenting with their hair colours during this crazy time. Celebrities and friends alike are sporting different shades of the rainbow, even combining two at a time. You don’t need to daydream about changing your colour any longer because you can try it out yourself! 

Be fearless with your colour choices with our clip-in hair extensions. If you feel like having a different colour combination tomorrow, you can switch up your look in a minute! There are many special shades of hair extensions from our highlighted, ombre, and balayage collections. 

You could also add some dramatic flair to your look with our long ponytail extensions. Choose a colour that blends in with your current hair, or choose from ombre shades that contrast your current locks. Try out popular trends or make your own. Who knows, you might just start the next colour craze. 

Add some oomph with the volume 

Remember those red carpet looks that you love? Hair plays a key part to make celebrities shine on the red carpet. Sometimes, it can make or break a look. Think of your hair as your crown. You want it to make a strong impression, whether that’s making jaws drop or simply stunning people feel when you enter a room. 

For the ladies with naturally thin hair, our Volumizer series can introduce some thickness and volume to your locks. Our seamless clip-in hair extensions will add that subtle amount of volume to your mane. Play with different amounts of volume by layering multiple pieces on top of each other until you get your desired volume. For a lift at the roots, place your extensions by the hairline and curl to create bouncy waves. 

Whether you’re trying out a new hair length, sporting a funky new colour, or adding some fabulous volume to your tresses, Foxy Locks is here to help you achieve your hair dreams! Our clip-in hair extensions are sure to wow anyone. 

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