Some Tips on How to Properly Care For Your Remy Clip-In Hair Extensions

When it comes to Remy hair extensions, we’re actually dealing with genuine human hair and not synthetic hair. This means we’ll be using softer and delicate strands and bundles. As such, proper upkeep is essential!

Properly caring for your Remy clip-in hair extensions is more than just cleaning them for a few minutes. While there are more procedures to be done, it is actually fairly simple to maintain such healthy and long-lasting locks. 

Read on to discover some useful clip-in hair extension care tips and tricks which you can take with you as you keep looking lovely, day in and day out.

Understanding Clip-In Extensions

A type of hair extension we see and use a lot today is the Remy clip-in hair extension. This type of extension provides a clipping system that makes installation a breeze. They’re ideal for people on the go, those who love to change their hairstyle on a regular basis, and those who are keener to using simple-to-use and reusable hair extensions. Additionally, they provide quick results without being abrasive to your natural hair or scalp.

Clip extensions are offered for straight, silky, afro-textured, or wavy hair. For a more natural appearance, choose the one that best suits your hair type as this will organically blend with your hair.

Tip: Detangle Before Washing

Use a soft bristle brush to remove any knots after each use. I’ve always started at the bottom and worked my way up. This procedure prevents hair from being pulled from the weft and allows for detangling without causing hair loss.

Never wet tangled clip-in hair extensions before combing them correctly.

Tip: Hydrate and Nourish

Remember to wash them gently in the bathroom sink with lukewarm water. Pour a pea-sized amount of shampoo into the bowl or sink. Always use a gentle, clarifying shampoo with a low chemical content (like sulfate or alcohol).

Hair extensions, unlike natural hair, are incapable of creating natural oil to nourish the hair. In step two, apply a high-quality conditioner and a leave-in conditioner.

To seal in the conditioner’s advantages, always rub the extension and thoroughly rinse it with cool, clean water. Wet clip-in hair extensions should never be brushed or blow-dried.

Tip: Work in Portions

Always clean hair extensions in portions to make debris removal and product buildup. This way, you can effectively and gently run your fingers through them.

After you portion out your wefts, soak each bundle in a soapy solution. This method can help you clean more effectively and thoroughly.

Tip: Comb Only After Drying

After washing, carefully wring out excess water before placing them on a clean towel on a sturdy surface. Note that wefts should be laid flat and spread out rather than piled up in one area. Once the hair extensions are partially dry, detangle them with a wide-tooth comb and leave-in conditioner. Allow at least one night, if not more, for them to air dry.

On a regular basis, check for dryness and use a dab of leave-in conditioner when necessary. 

Our hair retains hydration while remaining detangled and manageable after air drying. Meanwhile, excessive moisture causes greasy, flat extensions. 

More Suggestions for Making Clip-In Extensions Last Longer

When it comes to hair maintenance, every piece of advice counts! Here are more suggestions you may find useful:

Count Your Wear Times

It’s important to wash your extensions after 6-8 wears. Otherwise, leave them alone if they are not in use.

Discipline Yourself on Proper Storage

Clip-ins are worn in the morning and removed at night before sleeping. Additionally, you should note that they must also be placed in a storage bag or container that allows them to be easily stored at night.

If you don’t have the original packaging, your hair extensions can fit inside a simple container. This will keep your freshly washed extensions from frizzing and tangling.

An alternate method for proper storage is to wrap a silky hair tie around the base of the hair extension clip (about an inch or two below the weft and clip). Then, place them safely in a container of your choice.

Consider Heat Protection

Before styling natural hair wefts, always spray them with a heat protectant. This way, you can style as you please while maintaining the health and prolonging the lifespan of your extensions.

Here, you can apply the product freely to the weft’s surface, or at the very least to the parts you intend to curl or straighten with heat applicators.

Infuse Water Into your Clip-In Extensions

It’s no surprise that cleaning the extensions could be a time-consuming task. Detangle the extensions as you would your own hair. Add a few drops of mild shampoo to warm water. Then, by aligning all of the extensions, try to shut the clips. While holding the clips, dip each strip into the container one at a time. After that, a gentle hand wash in clear water is advised to avoid tangling.

You may also rinse natural hair extensions with water and conditioner. Then, make sure to gently squeeze it dry on a clean, dry cloth. This way, you can keep your extensions in good condition for an extended period of time.

Dry Your Clip-Ins Thoroughly

The ideal way of drying clip-in hair extensions is to place them on a flat surface, in a room with open air. However, you can also use other tools such as a hairdryer.

For natural hair extensions, a hairdryer should be held six inches away from the hair and set to the “warm air” setting. If the hairdryer is too hot and directly applied to the hair extensions, you can irreversibly damage it and decrease its lifespan. 

After fully drying them, use a detangling spray. To style them, a boar bristle brush is recommended to keep the hair fibre’s integrity.


Clip-in hair extensions, like other forms of hair extensions, require special care. After all, they’re an investment that could enhance your natural beauty for a long period of time. Simply keep these tips in mind to retain their shine and volume for your regular use!

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