Overcoming the Stigma against Hair Extensions

You may be one of the people fond of using hair extensions as part of their lifestyle. If so, most probably, you encounter stigma on a day-to-day basis.

At first glance, most people you encounter will try to appreciate your hair and give you compliments on how beautiful it looks. However, as soon as they find out that it is not natural hair, they will be disappointed and likely even derisive of your choice to wear extensions. They may even take back their effusive compliments. 

The truth is you cannot avoid such scenarios if you are into hair extensions. Some people offer harsh opinions against your fake hair with no sense of good manners or politeness. And there is nothing you can do to stop these people from doing so. You have to learn how to overcome these judgments that you receive every day. 

If you want to learn how to overcome the stigma towards hair extensions, keep on reading. In this article, get to know the reasons behind wearing hair extensions, the benefits you can get from wearing them, and the misconceptions other have about them that formed the stigma.

Why People Wear Hair Extensions

To begin with, you must know why you got hair extensions in the first place. But this is not because you have to explain yourself to other people; instead, it is a starting point to open the conversation with hesitant or judgmental people.

Every person who chooses to wear enhancements for their hair have wildly different reasons for doing so. Some reasons may include adding length to your short hair, creating volume for thin or flat hair, or it can be something as simple as dealing with a less-than-ideal haircut and hair extensions are your last resort. Another reason could be you want to experience different hair colours every day without damaging your original hair with chemicals.

No matter why you choose to wear hair extensions, there is no reason for you to face harsh judgments or discrimination. You must know and understand that people should not look down upon you for using them. Enhancing your hair is self-expression, and you should be proud of it!

Hair Extensions Do Not Make You Fake

Just because you use clip-in hair extensions does not mean it makes you a ‘fake’ human being. You should overcome these thoughts if you are persuaded by the incorrect belief that hair extensions will transform you into a plastic barbie doll. 

As soon as you start using them in public, you will notice boosted confidence, and you will eventually find this mindset irrational at best and insulting at worst. Once you become confident in the way you look, people around you will notice this confidence and admire your choices. 

So why are hair extensions such a big deal for some people? Honestly, you may never know the real reason, but jealousy or misunderstanding are strong possibilities. You cannot please everyone, nor identify the reasons that they behave the way they do. If you want to use this amazing hair technology to feel good, then keep on going. Good hair is good hair, no matter what!

Whether it is due to jealousy or a misunderstanding, people who judge those who use hair extensions need to stop doing so. After all, hair extensions are just like makeup; they cannot discriminate against women who wear makeup to feel good, like they cannot judge you for wearing artificial hair to feel more confident. 

7 Benefits of Hair Extensions

  1. If you had a haircut and find yourself regretting it, hair extensions can be your hero. 
  2. If you dream of adding volume to thinning hair, you can consider using hair extensions to boost your hair volume. 
  3. Hair extensions can help you achieve the dream hair texture you have always wanted; curly, straight, wavy, or whatever you want!
  4. Hair extensions can cover up your insecurities with persistent split ends. 
  5. Hair extensions also allow you to style your hair in so many different ways. 
  6. 100 per cent human hair can offer you versatility and adapt to different occasions by freely styling your hair. You can treat it as your natural hair.
  7. Hair extensions can add length to your short hair. You can have 20-inch hair extensions and even longer lengths if you want to have a chance to sport a long hairdo.

5 Myths About Hair Extensions

Myth #1: Hair Extensions Are Meaningless

Hair extensions are not only for vanity like most people think it was. Many people need to boost their confidence and self-esteem by enhancing their physical appearance—and getting hair extensions is a non-invasive and low-risk way to do so.

Myth #2: Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair

Professionally applied hair extensions do not affect your natural hair at all. The only possible damage will be if you use cheap hair extensions that you have to glue on your scalp. For a safer and non-damaging choice, you should opt for clip-on hair extensions and observe the proper hair care routine to avoid tangling and breakage.

Myth #3: Hair Extensions Are Hard to Maintain for Daily Use

The truth is you will not even need a hairstylist to fix your artificial hair every morning. If you have correctly installed hair extensions, you will not need to ask professionals to fix them for you regularly. You can do the styling on your own, much like your natural hair!

Myth #4: Hair Extensions Are from Questionable Sources

If you want to know where these hair extensions come from, it is usually from women who wish to donate hair to help fellow women. They are primarily from people who want to make money from their extra hair, so they sell it to manufacturers. The good thing about this is the hairs are not swept on the floor but rather cut in a ponytail and handled well throughout the process of creating extensions.

Myth #5: Hair Extensions Hinder the Growth of Your Natural Hair

Hair extensions have nothing to do with how your natural hair grows. The only thing hair extensions can do is give you the length or volume you need while waiting for your natural to catch up.

Final Thoughts

Many people may contradict, judge, and make you feel insecure about using natural hair extensions. But you must keep in mind that hair is hair, whether it is natural or artificial. As long as it makes you confident, go with it. There is nothing to be ashamed of for using them. There might be nothing to do to stop the stigma, but you can choose to be confident and untouchable. 

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