The 4 Steps to Beautiful and Natural Hair Extensions

One of the best ways to completely change the way you look is to update your hairstyle. More often than not, however, this is easier said than done. Cutting your hair is easy and takes less time than growing it, but if it goes wrong, you’ll have to live with short hair for quite some time. Fortunately, there’s a solution: clip-in hair extensions! If you’re the type to get bored of your hairstyle quickly or simply don’t like the way you look with short hair, these are a perfectly viable alternative to waiting months or even years before you can sport long locks once again.

Clip-in hair extensions are easy to wear, but they may not be as simple as you’d think. There are a few considerations and steps you have to take so that the hairstyle you sport looks beautiful and natural. To that end, we have compiled this guide to preparing for clip-in hair extensions. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Examine your hair

It is important that the extensions you use match your hair perfectly, lest the whole hairdo appear artificial. That means you need to determine the correct thickness of your hair to see if you need single, double, or even quad wefts. 

The next thing you have to consider is the length and quality of your hair. If your hair is in bad shape, it may take a bit of work to make the extensions look natural. It is a general rule that the stronger and healthier your hair is, the better the result will look. 

The shape of your face is another consideration so that the right style of extensions can be chosen. After all, your hair is meant to complement your face. 

2. Select your extensions

Fine hair that is in a pixie cut will need different treatment from a thick bob. Your current hairstyle, health, and shape can be factors in deciding what clip-in hair extensions will blend in seamlessly with your natural locks. 

Fine hair, for example, is best paired with tape-in extensions because the tape is almost invisible, thin, and non-damaging. It is highly unlikely, however, that you find heavier extensions in tape-ins. For thicker and more lustrous hair, you will need either microblend or clip-in hair extensions. 

Whatever the case may be, make sure to consult with your hair stylist about your options so that the end result is satisfactory. 

3. Make faux layers

Depending on your current hairstyle, you may need to layer in the short sections to make sure that your extensions blend in well. If you don’t trust the steadiness of your hands, have a professional handle this for you. 

4. Blend 

The final step to making sure your extensions look as beautiful and natural as possible is to blend them properly. This may mean curling your hair to get that lovely, flowing mane it might also mean teasing your roots before adding your hair extensions. Just make sure you are confident in your skills to do so yourself if you’re not enlisting the help of a stylist. 

Final thoughts

You don’t have to wait too long to get that long-haired look you’re hoping for. With clip-in hair extensions, you could have those long, lustrous locks you’ve been missing. So long as you follow all the right steps in the beginning, you could achieve that change in your look you’ve been craving.

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