The Dos and Don’ts of Caring for Wavy and Curly Extensions

Wavy and curly hair extensions are beautiful, but they don’t come without effort. Maintaining your locks is crucial to keeping them in good condition. Without proper care, wavy extensions can lose their curl, fall out, and affect your overall look.

So how do you get the most out of your wavy extensions? Here are our simple and helpful tips.

1. Change Your Combing Style

Curly or wavy hair is one of the most popular hairstyles nowadays, particularly in Europe and Africa. This is, however, one of the most challenging haircuts to maintain. Curls are difficult to maintain, and they lose their appeal once they begin to look limp and poorly styled.

One way to improve the look of your extensions is to change the way you take care of it. To begin with, the manner you comb these extensions has a significant impact on how it holds the curls. Please keep the following in mind:


  • Use special combs for curly hair with strong teeth and good smoothness to avoid messing up your extensions.
  • Comb the hair while it is still completely soaked.
  • Use a curling batch or a manual curling method. This will preserve the curls.


  • Avoid using small, short combs because their comb teeth are too close together.
  • Do not dry your extensions directly with a dryer. This might cause the curls to be lost due to the intense wind force from the dryer.

2. Wash Less Often

If you often wash your hair extension, you might want to give it up after reading this section.

Stop curling your curls in the hopes of making them last longer. Your activities are causing your hair to become more damaged, tangled, and possibly unfixable. Here’s how to wash your curls:


  • To take care of your curly wavy hair extensions more successfully, you should regularly wear them more than any other hairdo.
  • It would help if you washed curly wavy hair extensions once a week or after at least ten times of use to ensure that they are always clean and fresh.
  • Instead of using cold water, soak your hair in tepid water, then apply shampoo evenly and gently massage it into your hair. Hair should be washed in small sections to avoid tangles and to keep it in shape.
  • Because the bottom of curly wavy hair extensions is the focal point, pay extra attention to nurturing it.


  • If you don’t use too much shampoo on your hair, it will be easier to stretch the curls.
  • Don’t dry your hair at a high temperature; instead, dry the ends.
  • When washing your hair, avoid rubbing it together.

3. Dry with the Right Technique

Using a dry towel, gently remove the drips from the hair after being washed while holding the hair extensions by the seams. Scrunch the hair upwards rather than rubbing or patting the extensions. You are merely attempting to remove excess water from the ends of your hair, not towel drying it.

After the excess drips have been removed, scrunch the mid-lengths and ends of the hair with a good grade curling cream. This will help the curls to rebuild while also providing some grip to prevent them from frizzing or falling out.

Hold the hair extensions up by the seams and add a pea-sized amount of your favourite curl cream to your palms, scrunching upwards from the ends towards the roots.

Leave the crumpled hair to dry naturally on a flat surface once you have scrunched it. Do not brush or run your fingers over the hair; it should be allowed to dry naturally without being smooth. Some individuals like to use a diffuser to help the hair dry faster, but this can promote frizz. We prefer to let the curls do their job and dry into their natural curve.

4. Avoid Excessive Heat

Avoiding heat is one of the most excellent ways to care for your curly, wavy hair extensions. Simply put, overheating your curly hair extensions can make them look dry and threadbare. After you have washed your hair, let the curls air dry. Air-drying can help you retain their quality and better care for your curly wavy hair extensions.

To preserve your curls in shape, put your extensions on a hanger with a clothes clip. Allow your extensions to hang freely while drying if they are pre-sewn. A hair diffuser might also help speed things up.

5. Style with a Diffuser

You don’t always have time to let your hair air dry after a shower, but you are anxious about the hair dryer drying out your curls too quickly or blowing them into a tangle. Is there a simple solution? Use a diffuser. You won’t overdry your curls if you use a medium heat setting, and the diffuser slows the air velocity of the dryer so that it won’t ruin its shape.

6. Protect Your Curls When You Sleep

Frizz can be caused by friction between your hair and your pillow, which you don’t want. When working with hair extensions, it is essential to keep your hair covered at night to avoid tangling. A simple solution to this problem is to sleep with a satin pillow or a headscarf. Wrap your curls in a silk scarf or wrap them at night to keep them in place.

Also, like with all types of extensions, sleeping in a braid keeps hair from matting and tangling, and it doubles as a form maintainer for wavy and curly extensions.

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Key Takeaways

You are guaranteed to have long-lasting, gorgeous hair extensions if you follow our maintenance recommendations!

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