The Essential Things You Should Know About Balayage Hair!

The process of hair colouring has been around since ancient times, dating back to the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. It has since evolved into a much more complex process. The Greeks, in particular, were the first known to drench their hair in goat milk to achieve a slight golden tinge. They preferred to use dry oil, known as ochre, which they ground up and used to colour their hair.

As far back as the 18th century, hair colouring was commonly used to cover grey hair. More recently, in the early 20th century, permanent dyeing was invented, which changed hair colour permanently.

The history of balayage, on the other hand, dates back to the late 17th century. French hairstylist, Jean-Louis David, was the first to name the balayage technique we know and love today.

Nowadays, the use of highlighting techniques is far more common. Instead of choosing a colour that changes the colour of your hair, applying highlights enhance your natural hair colour. The balayage technique is an excellent option for women who want to make their current hair colour stand out or are interested in making natural colouring stand out. As a result of its popularity, this technique has been used in many hairstyles by celebrities.

In this article, let’s explore the most important things you need to know about balayage hair!

Here is your essential guide:

What is Balayage Hair?

Balayage hair is a type of hair colouring technique that involves using highlights to lift your current hair colour to create a natural and even hair colour. It is a fantastic technique for those who want to achieve an ombré or ombre look without commitment.

The balayage technique was made widely popular by American hairstylist Jose Eber when he debuted the technique in the early 2000s. His technique involves using hair colour, referred to as a base colour, which is applied to the hair, whilst the highlights are applied to the ends of your hair, from root to tip.

The balayage technique is so popular because it is far more forgiving than other techniques, as you can grow it out with ease. As a result of this technique being so popular, a wide variety of hair colours can be achieved, from blonde to auburn, pink to brown, and red to black.

The Full Application Process

The process of applying balayage hair is far more complex than using highlights.

Firstly, the stylist will apply your chosen base colour to your hair and leave it to process. The length of time this colour sits on your hair depends on your hair’s porosity. The application process is similar to applying a permanent colour.

After this, they will apply the highlights in natural sections. This is done by applying a small amount of colour to a section of hair and allowing it to process for around 20 minutes. The stylist will then use a brush to brush the colour through your hair. They will then leave it to process for an hour.

This process is repeated until the stylist has covered all sections of your hair. The stylist will then apply the final touches, an oil-based moisturiser and a light-hold hairspray.

Balayage vs Highlights

There are multiple differences between highlights and balayage. Firstly, balayage is a much more natural colour. Highlights tend to create a bolder look, failing to be blended very well into the natural colour of your hair.

Secondly, balayage is a much more complex process than highlights. You just sit in the chair and get your hair done with highlights. With balayage, you will need to sit in the chair for much longer, as the stylist will need to leave the colour on your hair for much longer.

Also, highlights seem to be easier to grow out of, as the colour is not coloured as deep as the rest of your hair. Lastly, highlights are far more affordable, as the process is much quicker and, therefore, cheaper for the salon to complete.

Balayage vs Ombre

The main difference between balayage and ombre is the application process.

Firstly, ombre is a very difficult process to achieve, as it requires you to have very long hair, and you need to keep having it toned as it grows. Balayage, on the other hand, is easy to grow out of, as it is applied closer to the root of your hair.

Secondly, the colour applied in balayage is much lighter, so it does not create the same bold colouring as ombre. Ombre is often achieved by applying two colours to the hair, whilst balayage is a technique that is only one colour, applied from the root to the tip of your hair.

Thirdly, there are different tiers of balayage, and it can be applied to varying lengths of hair. On the other hand, ombre always requires the hair to be long.

Why You Should Consider Getting Balayage Hair

Perfect for Any Season

Whether you’re looking for a colour boost for the summer or want to warm your hair for the winter, balayage hair is perfect for any season!

It is a great way to add a small amount of colour to your hair without committing to a permanent change of colour. As the colour is applied closer to the root of your hair, it will grow out much easier than your base colour.

Great for All Hair Types

Balayage hair is a fantastic technique for all hair types. If your hair is damaged, highlights are a great way to strengthen your hair. To add colour to your dull locks, apply a brown or blonde balayage to your hair. Want to add a bit of a kick to your blonde? Add some rose gold highlights to your blonde locks, which is a great way to add a touch of colour and get you in that party mood.

Adding balayage to your hair is a great way to get rid of your greys without committing to a colour you’re unsure about.

Grow Out Between Colours

Getting bored of your hair colour? Or maybe you’re just looking for a new look? As a result of its popularity, it is easy to grow your hair colour.

If a stylist has grown out their colour, or if you have grown out your own, you can have your hair colour refreshed. You can also forget about colouring your hair and just take advantage of your natural hair colour. A professional colouring job can be costly, so this is a great way to save money!

Adds Incredible Depth and Dimension to Your Hair

You’ve probably all experienced the one-colour hair syndrome. This problem occurs when your hair has no depth to it, and it looks flat and lifeless. Balayage is a great way to add depth and dimension to your hair.

Balayage is a great technique, as it adds a natural, subtle highlight to your hair. Solange Knowles often uses this technique, as she has dark hair, which is excellent for keeping the balayage looking natural.

Blends Well With Your Natural Hair Colour

The balayage technique is a very forgiving process. Unlike other techniques, spraying a balayage colour on your hair and going home can produce a fantastic result. Balayage does not leave a definite outline of where the highlights start or end.

This means that you can grow out your balayage with ease, as the colouring is not coloured as deeply as the rest of your hair.

Low Maintenance

Balayage hair is a great way to add colour to your hair. It is an easy way to keep your hair colour looking fresh, and it is a low-maintenance process, as you do not have to worry about it fading quickly or drying out your hair.

Depending on your chosen colour, you can go a long time without having to reapply your colour.

Lasts for Longer

The colour that is dyed into your hair will last for a much longer period of time. With balayage, the colour is applied closer to the root of your hair, so it is not as dyed in as the rest of your hair. This means you will not need to keep reapplying your colour, so your hair will look fresh longer.

Reduces Brushing Damage

Has your hair been damaged from brushing it? Balayage hair is much easier to maintain, adding natural highlights instead of harsh lines from a hair dye. This is great for people who have damaged hair or for people who just want to reduce the amount of damage that they are causing to their hair.

If your hair is damaged, you should try using a balayage technique, as it will give you a natural look and lighten up your hair colour.

Healthier For Your Hair

Balayage hair is a lot healthier for your hair than other processes that you may use. The look of balayage hair is very natural but with a subtle change. Balayage gives a great dimensional look to your hair, and it won’t look like it has been over-processed.

Caring for your hair is essential; some processes can be more damaging than others. Balayage hair is an excellent option for people who do not want to go for a bolder look but still want to spice up their hair.

The Bottom Line

Are you thinking about getting balayage hair? You should be! It’s a fantastic process that you can use to add some new colour to your hair, and it is a very low-maintenance process, which is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to spend hours in the salon. It is easy to grow out your balayage hair, and it will last a lot longer than you think!

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