Three ways to look and feel good after lockdown ends

The time has finally come; as late summer approaches, we can make the most of the warm weather and start seeing our friends again. With that said, after spending well over a year under restrictions, it can be hard to know how to break out of the rut of lockdown.

To help you out, we’ve outlined just some of the ways our hair extensions and false eyelashes can do more than just make your hair longer or your eyelashes thicker – they can actually be used as a means of exploring your own personal style and helping to restore your mental health after having spent so long under lockdown restrictions. We’re pleased to team up with the charity and money raising platform Savoo to start raising donations for Mental Health UK. Just place an order through Savoo’s Foxy Locks discount codes page and you’ll raise a donation for this amazing charity at no extra cost to you. 

Turn up the volume with hair extensions

Whether you just want that little bit of extra volume in your hair or you need to recover from a seriously awful lockdown haircut, hair extensions work wonders for boosting your confidence and letting you experiment with your hair without too much commitment. 

In a world obsessed with work and productivity, it’s important to take a little time to be playful and just have a bit of fun – while hair extensions are commonly used to lengthen your hair, why not try using them to create the perfect 20s flapper ’do, or trimming old extensions to create a clip-in fringe? Becoming a whole new you just for a day can really lift your mood and help you get back outside after spending so long in lockdown. 

Mix it up with a ponytail

Hair extensions can of course make your hair look gorgeous, but classic extensions are a bit of a problem if you want to put your hair up in a bun or ponytail. Luckily, our clip-in ponytails are just the solution. A super simple way to help your mental health is to find that perfect balance between routine and variety, and changing up the way you wear your hair is one of the easiest ways to bring variety into your day-to-day life. 

As summer gets into full swing and the weather keeps getting warmer, it’s a great time to try hairstyles that keep your hair out of your face – but that’s no reason to compromise on full, voluminous locks. Check out our guidance on picking the best ponytail to suit you, so you can enjoy a day in the sun and look good doing it. 

Elevate your makeup with a pair of false eyelashes

What if you’re happy with your hair and want to mix up your personal style in a different way? Sometimes feeling good is simply a matter of looking your best, whatever you’re up to. Heading out for an evening with your friends or taking the initiative to meet new people are both fantastic ways to boost your happiness, and nothing helps you look effortlessly stunning on a night out than an easy pair of false eyelashes. 

We go into more detail about how eyelash extensions can give your confidence a lift here – in a nutshell, eyelash extensions are a simple way to elevate your look and raise your spirits, whether you’re spending the summer on holiday, holding back tears at a wedding or getting back into in-person dating.

Use Savoo to raise donations for Mental Health UK

When you shop for hair extensions and false eyelashes this summer, shop via Savoo to save money and raise a free donation for charity. You’ll get a fantastic 10% off any order over £100, and you’ll also donate 3% of your order value to Mental Health UK without having to spend an extra penny. Just shop as you would normally – Savoo will track your donation and send it straight to Mental Health UK. 

About Savoo

Savoo is a leading online fundraising and money-saving platform, and totally free to use. Save on all your favourite brands (including Foxy Locks) using the thousands of discount codes available on the website; what’s more, you’ll raise a free donation for a charity of your choice every time you redeem a deal. Savoo has a directory of over 400 UK charities, giving you the freedom to support whichever charity and cause you’d like. It’s quick and easy to do – simply sign up, choose a charity, then start saving and raise donations. Find more information on how it works here.

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