Tips on How to Achieve a Flawless Look With Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are amazing, and the benefits that they offer are something most women want – instant long and voluminous hair. If you’ve got natural hair extensions, then that is even better because you can be sure that your ‘do can look seamless, and no one can tell you’re wearing extensions, that is if you know the right way to use and wear them.

Whether it’s your first time wearing hair extensions or you’re looking for ways to improve the way you use your clip-ins, you’ll surely find these tips helpful:

Curl Your Hair

There are different ways to blend your clip-ins with your own hair, but perhaps the best one is by curling both your natural hair and your extensions. This way, there will be a consistent pattern and make the extensions practically invisible to anyone looking. Of course, this only works with 100% human hair extensions because synthetic ones cannot be subjected to any heating tools.

Braid Your Hair to Conceal Shorter Hair

Unless you already have long hair and you’re just wearing extensions for added volume, your shorter hair will definitely peek through the extensions. This will make it obvious that you’re wearing clip-ins. To conceal your shorter hair, try braiding the bottom layer with shorter strands, then wrap them so that they’re flat against your head. Pin them in place and clip in the extensions right above the braids. Finally, let down the non-braided hair, and you’re ready to go!

Use an Extension Hanger for Styling

You might find it hard to style your hair extensions when you’re already wearing them. That’s why you should use a hair extension hanger that can hold the wefts in place as you style the extensions and clip them once you’re done with then. This will give your hairstyle a more consistent finished look.

Attach the Wefts Diagonally

This is a really helpful tip that people with layered hair will appreciate. Clipping your hair diagonally means you’ll get a result that’s more blended with your layered haircut. This is a necessity for micro ring extensions, but you can try it with any clip-in extension, too.

Back-Comb the Roots

If you have thin hair, you might find it extra hard to keep your clip-in hair extensions in place. One trick that works is back-combing your roots using a brush before attaching the extensions. As you do so, spritz on some hairspray to give your hair more texture so the hair extensions can stay right where you clip them in all day.

Braid Your Extensions When You’re Wearing Them to Bed

While it’s not advisable to sleep with your extensions in, there may be instances when you simply have to. In such cases, it’s best to braid them or put them up in a ponytail. This is because, unlike your natural hair, your extensions don’t get oil and nutrients from your scalp, so they’re more prone to matting and tangling. You must take extra measures to ensure that your extensions are in great shape.


Wearing extensions can be fun, but it can be frustrating when you can’t blend them well with your hair. Hopefully, the tips we shared with you will help you achieve a better result with your clip-in or ponytail extension. As mentioned above, it should all start with good hair extensions, so make sure that yours is made of 100% human hair.

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