Great Insider Tips and Tricks for Using Hair Extensions

The world of hair extensions is pretty good, and whether you’re new to it or fancy yourself some type of expert, it’s good to have a little extra knowledge about hair extensions. There are a variety of ways to use blonde clip-in hair extensions and the like. It’s a great way to achieve several looks quickly.

What are some great insider tips and tricks for using hair extensions?

For faster clipping, have two wefts stacked together

Sometimes, it’s important to just get up and go in the morning. In order to save some time when you’re getting ready, this tip is ideal. This can also help people whose heads may be somewhat smaller and find themselves having a hard time fitting all the wefts on one’s scalp. It’s also helpful for those who have their hair in a fancy updo or a half ponytail. It allows them to get the same fullness even with limited space.

Before securing the wefts on your head, clip one on top of the other. That way, you’ll only have to deal with one weft instead of two.

In order to blend your wefts with layers, angle them

Maybe you’re looking to get more dimension and movement to your hair without going for a cut. Alternatively, you might be missing how long layers make you feel, or you’re looking to add some volume and fullness without giving up your current cut’s gradient. You might be having some trouble figuring out just how to blend your wefts with your layers.

No matter what it is, there’s a pretty convenient way for natural hair extensions—and hair extensions in general—to work well for you. Layers, for example, can be achieved without having to cut extensions at all. Clip a 2-clip weft at an angle on either side of your head, so that the weft becomes lower at the back of your head and higher by just a bit near your face. With that simple move, you’ll have layers that are gorgeous and frame your face well in no time.

Larger braids can get extra volume through folded wefts

Some people may not know that it’s possible to get thicker, longer braids with the help of hair extensions. Both french braids and fishtail braids can be made more luxurious by folding a 3-clip weft on top of itself before it’s secured on a scalp. Ideally, it’s key to section off the part of your hair you’re looking to braid. The weft should then be clipped underneath that. In this way, it will be much easier to braid it into your natural hair.

Rearrange your wefts to best fit your head

Try switching up the order in which the wefts are clipped in. It’s key to have your natural layers match your hair extensions well. If extra thickness isn’t necessary for you, then you’ll be able to skip a 4-clip weft altogether. 


There are a lot of benefits that come with the use of hair extensions. Whether you’re new at it or you’ve been using extensions for some time, knowing some tricks will always be beneficial. Tips include stacking two wefts together for faster clipping and folding wefts for larger braids.

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