The 7 Tips You Need for Applying Falsies

Applying false eyelashes before going out can make or break the day or your night. Indeed, you might need serious skills (and the right tools) to apply your falsies any time you want. 

When it comes to applying false eyelashes, you can’t just throw some glue in your bag and hope for the best. This is because the lashes don’t always come in standard sizes–they come in different styles, materials, shapes, and more. As such, many factors must be considered, including your eye shape, how to remove them, how to trim them, and how to apply the right type of glue.

You’ll be eager to put these simple strategies into action once you’ve mastered them. Today, we will go over the fundamentals of lashes, discuss the seven tips you need for applying falsies, and more!

Tip #1: Consider Your Natural Eye Shape

Choosing a style for your falsies can be difficult, but it will be easier if you are familiar with your eye shape. Here are some more examples of commonly encountered shapes and structures:


Deep-set eyes give the appearance of a prominent brow bone. The eyes should be set quite far apart.


Downcast eyes make the outside corners of the eyes draw inwards. 


Hooded eyes care when a natural crease of the eyelid is obscured. 


Prominent eyes are larger than average; with eyelids that protrude. 

Tip #2: Check If Your Eyes Are Close-Set or Wide-Set

In the mirror, use a pencil, pen, or makeup brush to measure your eye from the inner corner to the outer edge. 

It should be possible to fit the width of one eye in between the two eyes. If the distance between your eyes is less than one eyeball’s width apart, you have close-set eyes; therefore, you may want to use longer outer lashes to give the illusion that they are further apart. The eyes appear to be very close together when there is overlap, or they should be less than one eyeball width apart.

If the distance between the two points is greater than the width of one eyeball, you might want to emphasise the middle space. Apply longer lashes to the innermost corners of your eyes to make them appear more set alongside one another.

Tip #3: Carefully Unpack the Falsies

This is critical information to have. There is no need for harshness at this point.

When the left and right lashes are not clearly marked, holding the false eyelashes under your nose with the lashes facing out can help. This will assist you in differentiating between the left and right lashes.

Always peel from the outside in, never from the inside out. It doesn’t matter if you bend one section of the lashes on the outside because you’ll be trimming them to fit your eyes.

It is critical to check whether the inner corner of the lash is broken or bent. Remove the strip with your fingers or tweezers and place it back inside the box.

Tip #4: Measure and Trim the Falsies

Check to see if the strip lash that runs along your lash line needs to be trimmed. If you start too close to the inside corner of your eye, your eyes will become irritated. To reach the end of your strip lashes, count two to four lashes inward from the corner of your eye. If they are too long, they have the potential to cause a downward pull on the eyes.

If you must cut your eyelashes, start at the outside corner and cut right at the vein. False eyelashes have a tendency to flatten when removed from their packaging, but when applied, they can raise at the inner and outer corners. Roll your lashes around your finger, a makeup brush, a pen, or a cotton bud for one minute to keep the curl. This will help to set the curl.

Tip #5: Make Good Use of the Glue

Working from corner to corner, apply a very thin layer of glue all the way along the lash vein. Allow it to become tacky before applying. Apply adhesive along the lash line and to the lashes themselves for an extremely long-lasting application.

If you wear false eyelashes on a regular basis, you should invest in a strong eyelash adhesive.

Place them so that the base of your own eyelashes overlap. Strip lashes must be pressed into the lash line in the middle, along the outer edge, and in the inner corner.

Tip #6: Set Your Natural Lashes Together with Your Falsies

Set your new set of lashes with mascara by pinching and pressing the natural and false lashes together. Apply pressure to the strip lash so that it completely adheres to your natural lashes, leaving no space for skin in between. You can use your fingers or tweezers.

Tip #7: Uplift Your ashes

Last but not least, lift your lashes by lightly pressing along the inner lash line.

9 Things NOT to Do with Your False Eyelashes

1. You leave a noticeable difference in the appearance of your natural and false eyelashes.

You should not leave any space between the base and the lash line if you want your eyelashes to look natural. Even a small leak from the glue can make the entire thing look fake when applying false eyelashes. To conceal flaws, place false eyelashes next to natural ones and trace their contours with black eyeliner.

2. You use too much glue.

Some beginners may believe that applying more glue will make their false eyelashes more secure. Nope! If you use too much glue, it will be more difficult to position the lashes, and they will slide around until they are secure in place. Another source of concern is visible glue. Extra glue can be hidden with eyeliner.

3. When applying falsies, you either stoop or close your eyes.

The position of the eyes and the position of the head are also important factors in determining the appearance of the eyelashes. You close your eyes and concentrate on what’s in front of you when you put on an accessory, right? This can cause drooping and thinning of the eyelashes. It makes perfect sense! Raise your chin slightly and, while looking down, apply glue to your false eyelashes.

4. You apply your falsies on top of your natural lashes.

It is advised to attach fake eyelashes to the skin rather than use natural ones. You should avoid touching your natural lashes if you want them to look as natural as possible, but if you do, removing the extensions will be difficult. Forceps with a straight edge should be used for application. It is advantageous to centre oneself and extend one’s reach to the four corners. The adhesive works from the top down.

5. You fail to follow the procedure and instructions.

Before applying eye makeup? Exactly! If false eyelashes are glued on first, the volume of the lashes will interfere with the application of shadow, pencil, and illuminator… and residues from these products can fall onto the false eyelashes, making the makeup look odd. If this is done, remove the false eyelashes before applying shadow, pencil, and illuminator. Make sure your skin and makeup are properly prepped before applying eyelash extensions.

6. You skip the trimming.

One of the main sources of anxiety for people who wear false eyelashes is the unnatural appearance that the accessory imparts. If your lashes are longer than your lash line, you should trim the tip to ensure proper fit. Cut from the outside edge of the corner with a pair of small scissors. You can more easily shape eyelash clusters into desired shapes by dividing them into three parts.

7. You don’t pay attention to the nooks.

Everyone who has ever tried to apply false eyelashes knows that the ends must be pinned after the glue is applied. This is a necessary step. You must concentrate on these aspects in order to achieve fruitful results.

8. You don’t give the glue some drying time.

Even if you’re in a hurry, you should take extra care of your false eyelashes. Allow thirty seconds for the glue to thicken completely before applying it to the eyelashes. If you don’t wait, there’s a chance the accessory won’t stick properly.

9. You mistakenly use mascara as an adhesive.

A good finish is essential for any makeup, and if you use false eyelashes to achieve a natural look, you must apply eyelash mascara to blend the natural and false eyelashes, leaving a flawless finish. Use false eyelashes to achieve a natural look with your makeup.


There’s nothing quite like practising and getting the best results when you apply your own fake eyelashes. As with anything that’s related to makeup, you’ll find that there are steps you must take to make sure that you achieve the look you’re going for. Once you get the hang of fixing yourself up and putting on your own falsies, you can be ready for any event! With quality falsies and these tips in mind, your fake eyelashes can never ruin your night again.

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