Tips for Getting the Best Out of Your Hair Extensions – Our Guide

People who have a habit of changing their look often tend to use accessories to spruce their aesthetic, using things like wigs and clip in hair extensions to save them the fuss of undergoing last-minute permanent hair decisions. 

Hair extensions, in particular, can improve your look by giving you a different hair colour or making your hair look longer and fuller. While hair extensions may seem complicated to put on at first, with proper practice, you’ll get used to transforming your look regularly to match your mood or outfit. 

There are various ways you can style your hair extensions to achieve the appearance you want for any given occasion. In fact, putting on hair extensions gives you fewer reasons to damage your hair due to consistent blow-drying and colouring, and more reasons to make styling your hair fun, easy, and safe to do. 

Keep reading below to find out some useful tips for using hair extensions. 

You Should Use the Correct Equipment

It’s essential to utilise the proper tools when it comes to using hair extensions so the application will be easy, and the quality of your natural hair extensions won’t be affected. Being careful about the equipment you’re using for your hair will also make your extensions last longer, helping you save money and skipping the salon just to have it prepped.

You should also be particular with the type of brush you’re using because not all kinds of brushes are suitable for hair extensions. It’s important to use a detangling brush or a wide-tooth comb for your hair, along with applying the right products for hair extensions. The tools you choose to use will improve the quality and lifespan of your hair extensions.

You Should Use a Hanger for Your Extensions

There are hangers explicitly made for hair extensions which allow you to retain them in good condition for a more extended period. Such implements also keep your extensions from becoming entangled together and ruining its overall quality.

While styling the hair while it’s on the back of your head may become tough to manage on your own, it’s possible to do it with some practice. If you’re really having a tough time, then you can style your hair extensions while they’re on the hanger before putting them on!

You Should Consider Adding Depth and Volume

Real hair isn’t the only thing that can achieve layered styles because hair extensions can also be applied in layers, forming depth and volume for your hair. You can use different tones of clip in hair extensions to make your hair look more natural. 

If you’re aiming for a balayage look or even simple highlights for your hair without actually getting your hair dyed, you can now achieve it through the use of these products. All you have to do is clip them into your hair horizontally so you can achieve the layered look!

You Should Incorporate a Method for Dealing with Slippery Hair

After you decide to get your clip in hair extensions positioned, you might experience some issues that include slippery hair extensions. These could be due to several reasons, whether from having been wearing it for quite a while or due to having thin hair.

The way to solve your hair problem is by grabbing your hair and securing it in place, before clipping the extensions back on to your hair. You can ask someone to help you hold your hair and distribute it into sections, teasing the roots for a firmer grip.


There are so many creative ways to style your hair using hair extensions. Doing so will save you plenty of time and energy in the salon, trying to figure out what colour to get or what style to achieve every few months. As long as you remember to use the right tools, use a hair extension hanger, try out layered techniques, and learn how to do the non-slip method, you can surely get the best out of your hair extensions.

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