Tips for Removing Hair Extensions on Your Own: What to Know

Attaching your hair extensions is one thing, but removing them is another. When planning to take off your hair extensions, you need to be extra careful. Even the best hair extensions can be pretty sensitive sometimes. One wrong move might damage them and make them unusable. 

Ideally, if you have your hair extensions on and you want them removed, you should let the professionals take them away for you. However, that is not the case all the time. Sometimes, you also need to learn how to undo things, especially when you can no longer wait to be free from them. 

Removing hair extensions may be simple in concept, but it can be complicated, depending on what type of extensions you wear. Unfortunately, taking off hair extensions has become a growing concern among salon clients, especially when securing a salon appointment may take a while due to pandemic concerns. 

This article will focus more on three extension types and how you can take them out independently. Once you learn how to do it properly, you would not have to wear them for too long. 

The Essential Step: Talk to Your Stylist

Regardless of what type of hair extensions you wear, the number one step for you to do is to talk to the person who placed the hair extensions on you. Ask for their tips and tricks on how you can remove the hair extensions safely. They might have used special techniques to keep your extensions in place, and only they can tell you how to get rid of them properly. Doing that crucial step can help you save your hair extensions and avoid wasted time. 

How You Can Remove Your Hair Extensions

If there are no other ways of reaching out to your stylist and you have to do the removal on your own, here are some guidelines you can follow, depending on the type of hair extensions you use. 

Type 1: Tape-In Hair Extension

Tape-in hair extensions are semi-permanent yet less bulky extensions than clip-in hair extensions. When placed correctly, the extensions can stay in place for around six to eight weeks before it requires any adjustments. 

This type of hair extension is favoured by many because of its quick and easy application. For that reason, too, it is the safest and easiest way to remove among all hair extension types. Besides, using this kind gives your hair a natural finish. 

Tape-in hair extensions are placed using double-sided tape. To learn how to undo it, you must understand how the hairstylist usually applies it. Here is a quick run-through of the application process:

  • The stylist gets a piece of double-sided tape and places it on a small section of your hair. 
  • The stylist will then place the hair extensions in a sandwich-like fashion on top and below of that hair with tape. Or only on one side, depending on the style they want to achieve. 

When removing it, all you need is to take out the tape holding everything in place. You can do that by using any hand sanitiser. That can effectively remove the tape’s stickiness. If you have no hand sanitiser on hand, use any super-emollient product, like shine products or oils. Here is how to do it:

  • Place the sanitiser or oil on the extension band (where the tape is) and let it stay there for a short while.
  • Then, try to move around the hair extension. Your goal is to loosen it up.
  • Massage the tape until it breaks down and peels off. 
  • Gently remove the hair extensions. 
  • Any tape residue will eventually fall off. Make sure to comb your hair regularly to keep it in good condition. 

Type 2: Individual Bonded Extensions

Also known as the Keratin hair extensions, the individual bonded extensions are a collection of hair extensions connected using adhesive or microbeads. Only a hairstylist can install this type of extension, and only they can remove them as well. 

Since each strand is placed individually in the hair, there is a chance you might pull your natural hair out or damage the bonded extensions as you attempt to remove them. 

When you try to pull out the individual bonded extensions, you might risk making your hair dry too. Furthermore, the more you wet your hair, the tougher the bond gets. If you decide to pull them down, you could end up snapping your hair extensions or natural hair in the process. Regrettably, if you use this type of hair extension, it is better to wait until your stylist can remove it for you. 

Type 3: Sewn-In Wefts

Sewn-in wefts are hair extensions placed into your braided hair and kept there by partially or entirely sewing it in place. Fortunately, although the process can be a bit complex, removing this type of hair extension is possible. All you have to do is prepare all the materials you need beforehand, such as: 

  • a mirror
  • clips to hold the hair
  • a pair of small scissors
  • a trash bin

Make sure that you clip off all your natural hair, so they will not be in the way. Using your hands and the mirror, find the thread where your weft of hair is attached. Instead of cutting the weft, you have to cut the thread that connects the two. 

Your hand should be able to feel the thread along your braid as you proceed through the back of your head. The hair extension will gradually fall off as you cut through this thread. Your braid should hang down in the end. 

The tricky part about this hair extension is how differently they are installed. It all depends on your hair stylist’s technique. That is why you need to have a clear idea of how they sewed the extensions. Regardless of their weaving method, your goal is to find that braid’s beginning and end and start loosening and unbraiding it. 


Hair extensions are the simplest way to achieve beautiful, volumised, long locks without having to grow your hair. However, the process of removing them may not be as easy as it seems, especially if you plan to do it independently. 

Knowing what method and type of extensions were used can help make everything more manageable, but you still need to have the patience and understanding of the fitting process before you start removing them on your own. Keep in mind that you should always take care of your natural hair and your hair extensions so you can wear them again in the future.

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