Want Thick and Voluminous? Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Everybody wants to have silky, naturally straight hair, but the truth is, they also have their downfalls. Even if you can quickly style your hair to whatever you want, and you don’t have to deal with bed head and frizz, getting your hair to have volume and curls can be quite tricky. Not to mention, your hair can fall flat because of its straightness.

Though you can spend hours styling your hair so you can have the thickness and volume you wish, you should know that there are easy tricks that could give your hair that much-needed bounce it needs.

While some people will head to a salon for a perm and some styling, most people opt to do things independently and use clip in hair extensions for a quick volume fix. Whatever you decide to do, it’s best to give you pro styling tips and tricks for you to have thick and voluminous hair that will turn heads. 

Are you ready for a hair makeover? Keep reading – here are some professional approved styling tips you need to know:

Know the Difference Between Volume and Thickness

Many people think that volume and thickness are the same; however, it is quite the opposite. Volume refers to the fullness of your hair and the amount of lift from the roots. To put things into perspective, even those with thick hair can lack volume and can still have flat hair.

On the other hand, thickness is the amount of hair you have on your head and how thick it is at the end. To manage this, proper haircuts and styling can help ease the thickness, making your hair look more balanced and flowy. 

But how can you add volume and thickness to your hair?

  • Using hair extensions can help add volume and thickness to your hair as it gives you that quick boost without changing your hairstyle completely. Although some hair extensions won’t let you part your hair a certain way, the choices are endless, and you’ll get hair volume that stays for hours or days.

  • Washing your hair correctly to give your hair volume can give you that natural boost. Ideally, you want to use shampoos and conditioners formulated to help give thickness and bounce to your hair. Next, you want to ensure that you’re scrubbing your scalp well to remove any grease and sweat that could hold down the shape and body of your hair. Finally, rinse your hair well and add a volumising product, and you’re good to go!

The Bottom Line: Choose the Right Products for Your Crowning Glory

The best way for you to get thick and voluminous hair is by using the right products, such as volumising shampoos, conditioners, and even hair extensions. Knowing the right type of product to use for your hair can instantly enhance the look and feel of your hair, giving you that impressive bounce and shine that’ll make head turns in the street. 

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